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Aces and Other Big Pairs

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If you are dealt a hand like , you will probably like what you see. After all, you do have suited high cards with nut draws and a pair. Sorry, but it is not that simple. This actually is not all that great of a good preflop hand. Let me explain why:. Let's say instead you are dealt. Again, not that good of a hand. First of all, while "wrap hands" like this are usually considered good hands, in this case there is a gap and the card that is missing is extremely important in the composition of this kind of hand, since there is no straight possible in poker without a ten or a five.

If you didn't have the gap — say, your hand was — you would hit your hand every time the flop includes either QJ , JT , J9 , J8 , J7 , T6 , 96 , 86 , 76 , or Also, the times you flop two pair you will also have a straight draw. Now it's time to talk about the famous aces. These hands are always good preflop and you will play them. You must keep in mind, however, that PLO is primarily a postflop game. That means in those cases when you aren't able to squeeze it preflop, there are other factors besides the two aces in your hand — namely your position, your stack size, and the other two cards in your hand — that might cause you to have to play the hand carefully.

For example, if you have and your opponent has , you're only about In other words, these "bad aces" are basically flipping in this example. If we were playing hold'em, would be about a As you can see, aces that aren't working with your other two cards aren't that strong of a hand, and depending on the situation it is even more profitable to just limp with them. Finally, let's say you are dealt. At this point, you are probably already imagining what I am going to say — that's right, it is a bad hand.

Notice again how the four cards aren't interacting with each other. Even if you flop a set of queens, you never will have redraws or backdoors. Against this hand, someone with is about a Meanwhile in hold'em pocket queens would be a little better than a 72 percent favorite over. All of which means you shouldn't be willing to invest too much money with this type of hand.

Finding Four Cards That Work Together

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