Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton Announce 2018 North American Tour

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Billy thought fans might find the following link intersesting: In it he talks about some of our experiences, in addition to other periods of his career.

Frank is a brilliant, "mad-scientist" type, and he along with a small "i" created the greatest Marshall mod's ever A big part of the sound on my records and in live shows. Check out the Guitar Zombie Blogspot at http: We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. Other acts who've withdrawn from the event include: Long time friend and former Piper bandmate Richie Fontana has uploaded a video "slideshow" of Piper photos to their song "Can't Wait". A great look into the short life of Billy's last "band.

Billy will be performing at Jack Tickets and info can be found here. The show is a 10 episode miniseries that documents the story of three budding tech pioneers in early 80's Texas as they attempt to bring the personal computer to the mass market. Here's your backstage pass to an epic night. Ringo Starr and Billy Squier before the big show.

Enjoy the Fifa 14 Song - Soundtrack. Click here 4 free download: Rockpages Web Magazine revisited with Billy and conducted a recent interview in the wake of the re-release of "Tell The Truth" on iTune. You can read it here. After finally cutting through the last bit of bureaucratic red tape, Billy's Capitol release, "Tell The Truth," is now up and available on iTunes. We're psyched that this is out there at long last. While its admittedly missing the beginnig of the song, we thought it cool to share a great rendition of "Don't Say You Love Me" from The Aresenio Hall Show, circa You can read up on it here.

You can read the brief write-up with video here , or see the video below. Catch Billy at 'Voodoo', November 2, Order tickets at worshipthemusic. Fight fans may recognize a familiar tune. Lonely Is The Night appears at Dos Santos 3—Episode 3. Billy thinks its a great use of the song as you'd almost think it was written for the show. The editing of song to image is spot on. Eminem's "Berzerk" was released yesterday. The music bed is based around Billy's original recording of "The Stroke.

You can preview the audio through iTunes here , but be forewarned, there is some explicit language. You can order tickets through Mechanic's Hall's site.

Click here for more information. We've posted a nice pre-show article from the Long Island Newsday up in the bio section. Billy was also appreciative of one fan's article on the South Bay show. You can read Daniel Nester's blog on it here. This is the only show he's announced for the summer, so try to catch it if you can.

Billy's performance wil be at 8: You can find out more at the festival's official site. You won't see or hear this very often.

Billy and Joe are playing nearly identical '59 Les Pauls—the holy grail for guitar geeks. Great band, great show New York's Beacon Theatre, May 18th, Roger Chouinard contacted the site to let us know that there are only a few copies of his book: Bobby Chouinard "Drummer Extrodinaire" available. If you order and mention our site, he'll throw in a set of drumsticks with each book ordered for fans of Billy.

You can order them on eBay and on Amazon. Billy has offered up one of his most-recent compositions, " Somebody Loves You ," for inclusion on " Songs After Sandy ," a charity music compilation to support grassroots community-based relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. This track, which has previously only appeared on oursite, will be added to Volume 2 , which currently includes exclusive tracks from Dave Stewart and a bonus track from Paul McCartney, among others. The compilation will be released January For the time being, the song will not be available through the site so the charity will get the full benefit from its inclusion.

Nearly 10 weeks after Sandy ravaged the New York and New Jersey shore, communities continue to rebuild. Despite the enormous outpouring and attention from mass efforts, many of the smaller grassroots communities are still in desperate need.

Much of the need is not always apparent, and as many disasters before have proven, paperwork and red tape keep much of the aid at bay from those who immediately need it. To help fill this gap we are working with on the ground, not-for-profits such as Restore Red Hook, Occupy Sandy and Green Ground Zero to help communities rebuild.

The response from musicians has been heartfelt, immediate and tremendous. Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off, with a wonderful mix of some popular emerging bands, straight out of Brooklyn alongside some legendary legacy artists; from Indies to Beatles, the collection of Songs After Sandy continues to grow as efforts to rebuild do the same.

As usual with these types of shows, he'll be doing 3—4 songs, predominantly in the blues vernacular though there will be a couple of his thrown in. Also, the site's new catalog is up and running with new downloads being added daily. Happy Blue and Tale Of The Tape have been added before their highlights on the site to make Billy's entire catalog available. There are quite a few rare tracks scattered throughout as well. We've gotten more information regarding Billy's performance at Rob Shanahan's book signing party:.

Billy sat in on a couple of shows recently at the New Orleans Jazzfest. Billy and Rob have been friends since the early days of Ringo's 06 tour, and we have it on good authority that Billy will be dropping by the store to play a few songs to commemorate the book-signing event. Rob is also producing a special, limited-edition lithograph of Billy, and you'll see it here first! Now you can see Billy content—cross-platform—on your phones, pads, tablets, pods, etc.

We plan to add more video as we go, so keep checking back! Compiled from a variety of sources, this is stuff you're unlikely to see anywhere else! Subscribe to both channels to get your Billy fix on! Billy performed at a sold out closing ceremony for his high school in Wellesley. He'll be doing a couple songs solo, and leading a middle-school band in a rendition of "Lonely Is The Night. There's a new newsletter up in the fanfare section which includes information on 2 June Blues dates for Billy.

You might want to listen in around the 8: Judy just gave me the additional spots from Billy's return visit covering the remaining "major releases". Those wil be posted shortly. With praises coming from a few Les Paul forums, click here and here to read the threads. Also, even though we were told 'no video', its a good thing some didn't listen. There's some really cool clips on YouTube, including this one:.

As a long time Squier enthusiast, there was no reason for me to expect nothing short of a great evening at NYC's Iridium club as Billy presented what he termed "a glorified jam-session" under the banner of Blues Deluxe. But once again, Squier managed to blow away even my expectations with a show that captivated everyone at the filled to capacity club.

The first treat of the evening came in the form of the Les Paul trio taking the stage. This is a group that is not to missed. Especially memorable was their rendition of the classic "Brazil". Next up was our old friend Mr. He performed with an affection and ferocity that left me more than a little impressed. He was backed up by the LP Trio and really scored with "Shuffleboard" from his latest release.

Jeff spoke briefly about how it was Billy who gave him his start in the music industry and recalled those daze gone past with genuine fondness. As he introduced Billy to the stage, it was terrific to see them together again. Billy focused on songs and artists who had inspired him Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton and delivered them in his own one of a kind style.

His voice was as strong as ever and his guitar playing was blistering. Billy had the Uptown Horns on hand, lending an even richer sound to the proceedings. And for the Squier fan who didn't have the opportunity to catch this show, allow me to tell you one thing: You haven't lived until you've heard "Everybody Wants You" performed with a horn section. Very good food at Troutini although a bit pricey. Everything is made from scratch so it will take longer but worth the wait. Bar food is OK.

Locals will chat you up. Walmart a few miles away and outlet stores are walkable near the end of town. We stayed for a week. We really like the location; lots of outdoor activities just east of the campground. You are in the city, so don't expect quiet. The park is clean and well maintained. The woman in the office that we encountered 3 times was unfriendly and borderline rude, but that was the only negative about our stay. Our back in site was roomy and partially shaded.

We have a 33 foot fiver and had no issues maneuvering. Wi Fi was terrific and utilities worked well. Laundry room is well maintained with machines that don't rip you off. We would stay again. Glen Otto Park across the street is pleasantly shaded.

Walk into the cute little downtown of Troutdale. Tour the historic highway. This park is not a "resort" by any means. It is very tight with neighbors that feel way to close and I was unable to extend my awning because of the tree that was right on the edge of the pad. I spent 10 minutes pulling tall weeds along the site after hooking up and could have easily spent more. This park is ok for short stays but do not believe the glowing reviews that describe it as some kind of utopian destination resort because it is definitely not.

We had a very nice back-in river view space. Some road and train noise. We would stay again if in the area. A bit tight but accessible. Additional pad for tugs are a plus. Good, easy walking distance to town and river. A basic place to park the RV that is clean and quiet.

Sites are very close together with the neighbors' sewer connection hard to avoid. There is grass between the sites, but no real incentive to spend time outside otherwise.

Cement pad and parking area for car and an old picnic table. There is a laundromat in the back of the park, along with a small basketball court. Surprisingly, the WiFi is great This is a reasonably priced place to stay, but no frills.

If we had a reason to come back to this area, we would likely stay here again. Beautiful Multnomah Falls is nearby, as well as the Historic Columbia River Highway with many scenic views, more waterfalls, and some hikes. Lots of parks in the area and an outlet mall less than a 10 minute drive away.

Small tourist town of Troutdale is a block up the hill, easy walking distance to restaurants, pubs and stores. A trip down the Historic Highway 30 is a must. Sceinic overlooks in the Columbia River Gorge, plus 7 waterfalls within 15 miles. Have dinner at Bandits. Loves right after you get off hwy The Sandy River is a short walk with a small beach; you can take your lawn chair and sit in the shade or take your water toys and play in the river.

The town is a short walk with lot of shops and good places to eat. Go to the Local Cow in Gresham for a great organic, grass-fed hamburger and garlic fries.

If you go to the falls go VERY early, it's very crowded. Also approach from the east, exit Less traffic that direction on Columbia River Highway.

If you need RV repair, call Wayne's mobile repair. He comes out quickly - like as soon as you call. No two-three week wait.

During our stay we ate at Troutini Restaurant in Troutdale and enjoyed happy hour prices that included food and drinks. The food was very good. Another time we made an evening out of visiting Edgefield for happy hour food and drinks and ended up going down stairs and enjoyed wine tasting.

This property has a vineyard and also live music on Thursday evening during the summer. The General Store has a nice lunch and good coffee. Most of the shops are either gifty stuff or antiques of some kind.

Vern Balkowitsch http: Christina at Box , Salem, OR ,. Deb Deegan This three-day blast from the past filled with music, food and beautiful cars gives baby boomers the chance to relive the "good 'ol days" and provides an opportunity for those who appreciate classic cars. Downtown Parking on Kutch St opens 7: Heidi Larson or heidilarson89 gmail. Lori Sherman at Jim or Tait High Lakes Car Club, P.

Kimi Nash or Larry Angland or Toledo's main drag, 8am-4pm. Mukilteo Car Show June?? Cruise starting at 9: Douglas County Fairgrounds Contact: Gates open at 9am, spectators free. River Forks Park, Roseburg, Or.

Susan Cell The GP parking lot between 5th and 6th avenues Downtown Camas. Cars can start arriving into car show area at 2: Rose Cup Races is the premier amateur road racing event in the Pacific Northwest. Chris Crabb, crabbsoup gmail. Philomath Chamber of Commerce Larry Anderson http: The 19th Annual Pentastar Pride Cruise-in. July 14, -- Salem , OR. Past events focus on Mopar only this event is Open to all Makes. Cruisin the Gut July??

Free for spectators, No Registration required for vehicles. July , -- Salem , OR. Arlan Miesner or Matt Babb All proceeds support services and activities provided by the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center. Jen Webber, events fgscc. Courthouse Square Park in downtown Dayton, Oregon. Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Benefit. Kevin call or text Historic Motor Sports Association John Salick https: Pioneer Park, Stayton, Oregon.

Russ Stromeyer KNND http: Jason or Penny at Dave Martini or Laurie Thorschmidt swbible swbible. Oak Street Lebanon, OR. Oak Street Lebanon, OR no entry fee. No Alcoholic Beverages Please Contact: A fundraiser for St. Gates Open at 9 a. Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon, 7am - 3pm http: Bob or Terry See schedule of events for more info. Kelly Lay or Scott Morgan Spencer Park - Vernonia, OR.

Coburg Community Connections, Mike Check in starts 7am, Event 9am-3pm.

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