Online Casinos in Malaysia Last of the locals take a bow Stephen Bartley March 31, 8: Dato was the next to go after he moved all-in preflop with and was called by Donnini's. His stack had fluctuated throughout the day due to his rather unorthodox style of play and he found himself in the dreaded push-or-fold territory. Three in a row for the Danes? Campione Laura Cornelius April 10, 6:

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He looked down to see staring back at him, a hand that he cracked aces with on Day 4, and that had been kind to him on the final table too. His seemingly lucky hand failed to help him when he needed it most because Wrang called Soulier's all in with. The board ran out , eliminating Soulier, and setting up an intriguing heads-up battle between Busquet and Wrang. Going into heads-up play, Wrang held a 10,, to 6,, chip advantage over Busquet, who is widely considered to be the best one-on-one no-limit hold'em player in the world.

The pair tussled for a while before a scheduled break halted proceedings momentarily. When the players came back from the break Wrang had opened up a 12,, to 4,, chip lead. On the very first hand back Busquet open-shoved for 4,, with and Wrang made the call with. The board ran out gifting Wrang the heart flush and he became the third consecutive Danish EPT champion!

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User Account Sign in. Use your social profile to sign in faster. Or use your PokerNews account: Bad username or password Sign in. Home News European Poker Tour. Jannick Wrang Wins the PokerStars. Mickey Petersen Victorious at PokerStars. Martin Finger Wins PokerStars. Online Casinos in Malaysia Dato was the next to go after he moved all-in preflop with and was called by Donnini's. Much to his dismay, it would not hold as the river paired the board and gave Donnini a full house.

Dato made his was to the payout desk in fifth place to collect CHF 56, Online poker grinder Alexander "bubukonan" Fasolis exited in fourth place when his failed to overcome the of Donnini. Fasolis collected CHF 68, for his efforts. The final three players struck a deal, setting aside an undisclosed amount, and played for the title. A short time late, Giacomo Rosa pushed all-in with on a flop of and was called by Donnini, who was holding. Rosa had 14 outs to a win, though the turn took away many of them.

The river was inconsequential and Rosa hit the rail in third place, good for CHF , The heads-up battle between Mitrovic and Donnini was special considering both were life-long friends and members at the card club, Showdown Chiaddo.

It happened when Mitrovic opened from the button to ,, Donnini three-bet to ,, and Mitrovic made the call, leading to a flop of. Donnini fired out ,, Mitrovic called, and the hit the turn. This time Donnini checked, Mitrovic bet 1. The river changed nothing and suddenly Donnini found himself with a chip lead.

In the final hand of the tournament, Mitrovic got it all-in on a flop of with against the Donnini's. The turn kept Mitrovic's hopes alive, but the quickly dashed them as it delivered a straight for Donnini, and the win.

Mitrovic was eliminated in second place and took home CHF ,

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