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August 1, AUS. Escape from Butcher Bay. Culture or an adventure in the great outdoors? This seems like a very lovely park with fully stocked store, well kept grounds, a nice modern playground with huge trampoline. Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment. A working windmill at Saint Pierre de la Fage, for example.


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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2. We crossed the city and took the airport road to the coast and carried on to La Grande Motte, then up through the Camargue with its vin des sables vineyards dotted along the road, and empty fields. It was a relief to stop for coffee in Arles. We rode into the centre, right into the mostly pedestrian part to a pleasant little square that had tables in the middle shaded by a huge old tree. Trying to find this square I came a bit of a cropper as I manoeuvred my bike to turn around and it fell on the ground.

As I waited for BB to come and help me pick it up it had fallen on the side with the side-stand and I didn't want it toppling over onto the other side when I got it up because I do actually know how to lift it up, I've had some practice By that time BB had arrived and we didn't require his physical assistance, but we did ask for the way to the little square and he obliged, telling us to ignore the one-way street signs.

Which we did and so we came to the little square with no more problems. After a nice break, we set off again for the Luberon , and decided to eat our picnic lunch in Menerbes , made famous for most of us by Peter Mayle, and one of the Plus Beaux Villages de France. Picnic bench at communal watering hole, Menerbes, Luberon It's a lovely little hillside town with magnificent views across to Mont Ventoux.

Click on the photos for a better look. It's the sort of place you need to walk around and admire the creamy limestone buildings at leisure. I did enjoy it! After lunch we set off for Lacoste , famous for the chateau belonging to the Marquis de Sade, to find a nice cup of coffee.

We found a restaurant perched on the cliff by the side of the road with more fabulous views and decided it was just the spot. View from Lacoste coffee stop towards Bonnieux Fortified by the coffee, we set off again for our final destination - Gordes.

The region is fabulous for its scenery, and the roads are excellent. It's a real pleasure riding around and taking in all there is to see. The traffic going up to Gordes was, however, heavy. It's become THE place to visit so we followed coaches, cars and lots of bikes up the winding road.

If you're on a bike, you don't pay the parking, but cars in the town were being asked the extortionate sum of 10 EUR! Classic view of Gordes Squashed-face me and classic view of Gordes Inside the town, we had a little look around, along with everyone else. Busy busy Gordes There are very steep, perilously cobbled roads to tackle, probably best explored without those romantic summery heels.

Photo captured in a gap in the throng It is all delightful to look at, from the beautifully constructed creamy limestone houses and shops, to the expansive views. However, it's not a perfect system I have going here.

To start with, the earphones keep getting dislodged from my ears inside the helmet so I can't hear a thing. Then the voice telling me where to go is at odds with the map, which is the most confusing element.

Anyway, we didn't get lost, but did have to stop to re-inject life into numb backsides. My bike seat is not the most comfy, and trying to sit on a fleece pully didn't work to improve things as it wasn't long enough. Riding these long distances takes a lot of practice to get things right! It was a long day, and a long ride, but a fabulous trip. Wednesday, August 15, Assumption Day in the Cevennes. What could be a better way of celebrating Assumption Day than by going for a bike ride?

I intended going to Mont Aigoual for a bit of fresh cool air, I ended up doing this: Fab bike ride along teeny weeny single-track roads with grass down the middle It was an afternoon ride after some shopping and a session at the gym this morning. I bought myself a little treat of Madagascan prawns for lunch so I was well fortified for a good ride. There were a lot of people on the roads, the main roads at least. I was following what I thought was the route I'd chosen on Google Maps back at home, but there was a hiccup and the Voice was sending me up to Mont Aigoul on the very road I knew well and wanted to avoid.

It's a tiny single track road with grass growing in clumps down the middle and some optimistic lines painted in the places not covered in grass which served no other purpose than to show you where the road was. Valley of sweet onion fields I was riding deep into the middle of nowhere except that every now and again I'd come across fields of sweet onions being cultivated along the river valley or orchards of Reinette apples or olive groves, and the ubiquitous sweet chestnut trees.

At one point I saw a woman beneath a tree next to a field of harvested onions in crates who was doing yoga. The Cevennes is the sort of place where people do yoga. It fits in with the mystical atmosphere of the mountains, the desire to be close to nature and out of the rat race.

You can't be in the rat race isolated in a hamlet of 3 houses half an hour drive at least to the nearest shop. I drove through many well-kept tiny hamlets of old stone houses like this: Isolated hamlet surrounded by a lot of countryside They were usually perched on hillsides in picturesque layouts of roofs and stone walls.

The scenery changed dramatically when I reached the plateau. Stark vegetation on the higher plateau This was near the col des Vieilles which is a popular route with cyclists. I didn't see anyone on the road today though. They were all down in the valley in crowds on the rivers which were alive with colour from canoeists, bathers and families.

Cevennes , Mandagout , Mont Aigoual , Motorbiking. My lovely Honda CBF I was intending combining my coding skills with creating a new blog for my motorbike adventures, but I'm not quite there yet, so as I wanted to document this trip, I'll do it here. I'm just back from my longest solo motorbike ride: Millau is km and, avoiding the motorway, a nearly 3 hour ride. Before leaving home, I popped down the road to buy a crusty baguette and dried ham to make a sandwich for lunch, downloaded the itinerary into my phone and set off around 10am.

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