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Today, most of these issues have been solved, allowing for the mobile casino gaming market to open up and expand into a multi-billion dollar industry. Many human Saxon remains have been uncovered, normally of wealthy men, who have had gambling items buried with them, such as dice. Such documents even detail wealthy Romans fighting over gaming disputes and amounting large debts so, not too much has changed up until the present day then… Saxons and Gambling The Anglo Saxons who inhabited Great Britain from the 5th — 10th centuries and who were mostly comprised Germanic descendants are another people in history who were known to enjoy gambling. For instance, gambling paraphernalia from the Romans as well as written texts from the same era describe board games and other competitive events being played where money exchanged hands. More worn-down, basic items chiseled away from bone or wood have been discovered, but this was the first of its type from the Saxons to be found in such good condition — with clear markings that indicate it would have been as part of a game of chance, rather than used for any other purposes. For as long as man has walked the Earth, there has always been gambling taking place!

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