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Not all who dared enter this competition in the past walked away the same ever again. Does this place or activity offer free parking? Downs 5 Trail 0. Have gone twice in 2 months to see shows and very pleased both times. Return to top Z. Marines for nine years, Cleve Doyen spent most of the following decade working for major manufacturers of HVAC products where his focus became noise and vibration control product development.


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Our firm has designed digital signage, scoreboards, video boards, video replay and scoreboard control for both professional and collegiate sports facilities. Over the years, we have provided broadcast-related consulting for commercial and public access radio and television studios, business television and medical training facilities, performing arts venues, convention centers, city and county government facilities, courthouses and sports facilities.

Networked audio and video is now common, even necessary for large systems that have equipment racks distributed throughout a building or an entire campus.

AV is becoming significantly more dependent on network resources and more integrated with the IT environment.

This leads to shared equipment spaces and cabling pathways. What is defined as a low voltage system by the National Electric Code in the U. These include structured cabling systems serving voice and data networks as well as security systems providing video surveillance, building access control and intrusion detection.

Jerrold Stevens, Senior Consultant. He worked on the manufacturing side, first as an independent sales representative and later as Director of Support and Education for a premier pro-audio loudspeaker manufacturer.

Jerrold has significantly contributed to industry education starting with sound system design seminars at NSCA Expo and continuing at InfoComm Expos.

These include the creation of pleasing sound environments and noise control solutions for applications ranging from concert halls and theaters, schools and universities, hospitals and healthcare, houses of worship, commercial offices, recording and broadcast studios, restaurants, banquet and entertainment facilities, hotels, resorts and residences, to factories and power plants.

Project interests include architecture, community noise, soundscapes and music production. As an internationally recognized authority on acoustics, Mr. Brooks is active in standards development organizations and frequently publishes and presents his findings in a variety of forums, including peer reviewed journals. Bryan Simpson Director of Business Development.

His background in AV system integration, project management and design further enables him to serve in the capacity of a contract manager for AV projects. This role includes managing project delivery, assessing system requirements, writing design narratives and developing the system cost estimates. His background in AV system integration further enables him to serve in the capacity of a contract manager for AV projects. He manages project delivery and is directly involved in assessing Owner requirements, writing system design narratives and developing system cost estimates.

After serving in the U. The trail is 12 feet wide and paved, with an The Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail is a popular recreational trail in the Las Vegas area, the impressive result of a multi-jurisdictional collaboration between Clark County and the cities of Las Vegas and The I West Beltway Trail follows the Las Vegas Beltway officially named the Bruce Woodbury Beltway along the city's western border, offering views of the mountains that flank the city.

Rose Parkway Trail runs along both sides of the road of the same name in Henderson, a southern suburb of Las Vegas. In the south, the trail ends at the M Resort Spa Casino, one of the newest The Cactus Wren Trail is a short connector between two much longer trails in Henderson: The wide, paved trail runs along Just across Lake Las Primarily used as a commuting corridor, the The Veterans Memorial Drive Trail is a paved pathway paralleling both sides of its eponymous roadway in the southwest corner of Boulder City, which lies 25 miles outside of Las Vegas.

The Saguaro Trail runs east to west through residential areas of Henderson, connecting residents with three trails and two popular parks. In the east, the trail begins in Saguaro Park, a 6-acre The Union Pacific Railroad Trail runs along an active track, cutting through Henderson and connecting to residential neighborhoods and commercial shopping districts.

The spur line sees infrequent The Equestrian North Trail extends south and then east from Equestrian Park North, which features a plethora of amenities for horses and their riders, including an arena, holding pen and trailer The rail-trail offers panoramic views of the manmade The I Trail runs through eastern Las Vegas, providing a useful alternative route along the busy highway, which is also known as US This pathway starts downtown, off N.

Required abilities- Hot weather endurance, be able to ride at least 40 miles without too much trouble, able to handle long climbs. Depending the time of year, bring at least 2 liters of water. There is literally a sign at the visitor area that says that. The heat can kill you and has killed others. I rode in October and still succumbed to the heat. If you do ride in the fall or spring, ride early 6AM is nice. Others have commented that this is all climbs and descents.

There are no flat areas. Going clockwise, mile 19 to mile 34 is one long continuous and at times arduous climb. Miles 1 to 19 are a bunch of ups and downs. Counterclockwise starts with a brutal uphill followed by a very long descent. From mile 19 to mile 1 it is a mostly gentle climb with some severe bumps. Please be prepared, as they are in the last portion of your ride. Is it worth doing? If you can do it with friends, even better.

Please take the appropriate steps, come at the right time, and make sure you are good enough in a bike to enjoy the ride. Connection to River Mountain Loops Trail on the south end is now complete, bridge over Interstate 11 is scenic. We rode this on our tandem road bike. Easy ride with great views. Hard pack surface with thin layer of fine grit.

We say two desert big horn sheep. Also met some friendly people along the way. I ran from circus circus down to where the trail crosses Desert Inn Rd and hopped on it. My preliminary version of bicycles and runners and families were quickly diminished and the 3 mile stretch that I ran was full of garbage and trash and vandalism and homeless people.

On the return leg I opted to run on 6 miles of concrete sidewalk along a busy road, if that tells you anything. This trail has a lot of potential, but it needs a lot of TLC. Ok ride, nice to be off the street most of the time, but there are crossings. LV needs more paved trails that are at least 10 miles one way. This is an expert level inline skate for those of you wishing to take the challenge.

The pavement is great, but the heat and major steep grades will kick your butt hard. It is like hiking on skates in one direction, and skiing in the other. Return to top C. Return to top D. Return to top E.

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