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Leather Blackjack, Wrist Strap. To use the blackjacks the player must first have progressed enough in The Feud to learn how to use a blackjack and have the necessary Thieving level to pickpocket either Villagers , bandits or Menaphite Thugs. There are three types of blackjack: Reproduction of ANY material is prohibited. As such, offensive and defensive blackjacks provide some of the highest damage per second available to these accounts. Coshing volunteers and the advanced pickpocketing trainer in the Thieves' Guild negates the need of healing, dealing damage of only 1 life point when failed. Leather Blackjack, Hand Strap.

Leather Billy Clubs

$1,500-Added Blackjack Tournament

You can boost your life point regeneration rate with items, familiars, and prayers like Rapid Heal and this will undoubtedly help reduce the frequency you need to eat. There is a kebab store in Pollnivneach which sells kebabs and super kebabs at a cheap price, however both are somewhat unreliable and buying from the shop is a slow process. You may also talk to Ali the Barman and purchase wine from him for very cheap prices. There is also a general store you can use to unnote food that you brought, which is the quickest option for obtaining food.

Or you can simply use the magic carpet to return to a bank and withdraw food. Either way, the money from pickpocketing will easily cover all expenses. A ring of slaying or fused full slayer helmet makes it easy to return to Pollnivneach, using the Sumona option. You can also move your Player-owned house to Pollnivneach, and then use the kitchen to heal in for free, or die in your dungeon, which will result in all stats recovered.

Coshing volunteers and the advanced pickpocketing trainer in the Thieves' Guild negates the need of healing, dealing damage of only 1 life point when failed. Thus this will minimise any cost of food needed. However, one will be stunned if a failed knock-out is executed. When you fail to knock-out a Pollnivneach victim, you will be attacked. If one was to quickly click pickpocket, the victim will negate the failure and will not attack.

This is a great method to use when you are running out of food. Of course there is a chance of failure to pickpocket as well, which causes the victim to take off 50 life points.

For this reason, a minimum of at least life points is recommended before trying to knock out the victim. You could also attempt to knock out the victim again to avoid the stunning caused by failing to pickpocket.

Failing to knock-out a Thieves' Guild victim after luring them would result a 1 life point damage, following with a normal stun. This cannot be avoided even with high Thieving levels, or with chance-reduction items such as the Ardougne Cloak and gloves of silence.

Thus it is often considered as luck to successfully knock-out the victim and loot them. When one was to Lure and Loot the victim, the line "I'm teaching coshing here, not pickpocketing.

After knocking the victim out, one should instantly right click the victim and pickpocket them. Then Knock them out again as soon as you hear the second pickpocket confirmation sound. The victim should lay on the ground still, allowing you to do an infinite 'Double Double Hit' until the victim accuses you of pickpocketing him. Please note that this method is very difficult unless you have sound turned on.

All rights and trademarks reserved. Reproduction of ANY material is prohibited. Leather Sap, Small, 8 inches. Leather Sap, Large, 11 inches. Leather Blackjack, Hand Strap. Leather Blackjack, Wrist Strap. Sjambok, Black, 42 inches. Self Defense Sap Heart, Pink. Self Defense Sap Heart, Red. Self Defense Sap Cap, Navy. Self Defense Sap Cap, Army.

Self Defense Sap Cap, Marines.

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