How to Play Ultimate X Video Poker

Video poker is one of those games that experienced gamblers usually feel like they have a pretty good handle on. For all new players at Leo Vegas Casino. And that is, indeed, the major difference between video poker and slot machines. The one difference between this and a standard video poker machine is the presence of the Ultimate X bonus. As always, but even more so with Ultimate X because you are betting twice as much per hand, play each hand with perfect basic strategy.

Ultimate X Video Poker Multipliers

Nine Games, One Theme

Red Rock has 57 machines. All other Station Casinos have about a dozen of them at each location. Ultimate X is also available on several casinos on the Strip. The best way to increase your return at Ultimate X is to play 10 coins. Playing five or fewer coins will result in playing standard multi-hand video poker.

The problem with that is the pay table short-pays on Ultimate X machines. That is because the return is about one percent better when the Ultimate X bonus is initiated by the five extra coins. The other way to increase your return is not to leave multipliers on the machine when you leave.

Always play until a hand is played where there is no multiplier. This will obviously require that you are properly bankrolled.

Another way to increase the return of Ultimate X is to look around for machines that a player just left. If the previous gambler left a multiplier hand on the machine, deposit some cash. Play just one hand betting five coins. You will receive that multiplier without leaving one for the next player. The biggest mistake Ultimate X poker players make is to not play the 10 coins required for the bonus multiplier.

Playing only five coins will still trigger the royal flush but it will not produce the bonus multipliers. There is no reason to play Ultimate X if you are not going to wager the five extra coins per line to activate the entire point of the game.

There are far better video poker pay tables in the casino if you are doing this. Another common mistake is that some players will leave in the middle of the game. This leaves multipliers from the last hand on the machine for the next player to receive. This is called vulturing Ultimate X. If you have any issue with this game please write us to info vegasslotsonline. Please be as much descriptive as possible and include details such as Browser type Chrome, Firefox, The game selection will be familiar to any casino veteran, as these are some of the biggest titles in the video poker industry.

Each of the following can be jumped into from the main menu:. Each game is designed to be played in a three-hand multihand format, where the player is initially dealt five cards, and then must choose how many of them to hold. Once the player chooses to draw more cards, the held cards will appear in all three hands.

However, the newly drawn replacements will be independently determined for each of the three hands, meaning you can and often will get different results on each. Most of the features are standard for these types of games. You can change the speed of the animations to move through hands more quickly or at a slower pace, and you can use a button to change your bet size. The one difference between this and a standard video poker machine is the presence of the Ultimate X bonus.

When this feature is not being used, these machines work exactly like a normal machine, with no surprises. The size of these multipliers depend on the game you are playing and the quality of the hand that you made. For instance, in Jacks or Better, the multipliers work as follows:. Remember that these multipliers come on the following hand, not the one you earn them on. One of the interesting features of this game is how the multipliers can actually impact your strategy when you are deciding which hands to keep.

It is rare, but strategy guides for these games note that there are some small deviations that players should make when the average multipliers get beyond a certain point.

Ultimate X Video Poker Pay Tables and Strategy Tips

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