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Erich Krengel Deaf priest 12 noon - Lunch 1: Retrieved May 28, To request any reasonable accomodation, including interpreting services, please contact dylangeil gmail. This article needs additional citations for verification. May 21, , 3pm. Bloom pulls you into her story from Prologue to my current location middle of Chapter

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This workshop provides participants with an overview of using classifiers by focusing on what they mean, when to use them, and how they are used. Participants will explore various classifiers to express a visual picture - breaking away from English words to translate ideas visually.

This workshop strongly focuses on ASL storytelling, ASL performing, and ideas on how to use the appropriate handshape to show a clearer picture of the context involved. Complicated confusing pictures, eye gaze, role shifting, spatial referencing and appropriate use in storytelling will also be presented.

Emphasis is placed on developing the ability to think in picturesas a way to improve expressive and receptive communication skills 0. Please RSVP with payment to info trixbruce. April 16, , 8: L April 9, 9: We look at its origins and how it has evolved over time. Learners gain an overview of the foundational skills and knowledge required of Deaf interpreters. The role of the Deaf community and interpreters in the future growth of the field and improving communication access is also explored.

Learners also reflect on how their personal and formative experiences impact their potential as Deaf interpreters. Learners will also briefly explore the theory and practice of consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, and sight translation. Learners also engage in observation and role-play activities whereby they gain experience with a variety of approaches and discourse styles.

Blind Spot is the practice of recognizing and resisting internalized and systemic white supremacy. Many of us are unpracticed in speaking constructively about our racial lens. Blind Spot's facilitated salons are designed for communities seeking to achieve greater critical thinking around inclusivity. Featuring curated exercises and video prompted dialogue, we create a healthy environment for practicing racial discourse.

We believe that by acknowledging, engaging with, and opposing white supremacy we can all recognize more agency. Participants learn to articulate their thoughts and feelings about race, recognize systems and ideologies that contribute to racism, and analyze their own actions as contributing to, or working against white supremacy.

To receive CEUs, you must contact juliacweisenberg gmail. With new formats and platforms opening doors to a more diverse and accessible production and programming, people of all abilities should be able to break through Hollywood's less accessible barriers and create a more inclusive media landscape.

Join us for this constructive conversation to learn from industry professionals as they discuss their own career paths and explore the tension between authenticity and artistic license, between accuracy and appropriation. Sunday, March 13, 12pm - 2pm. Erich Krengel Deaf priest 12 noon - Lunch 1: Performance may contain sensitive and explicit language of a sexual nature. Please contact Michelle Zheng at Michelle. Prizes will be given to winners and it will also include complimentary drinks such as sodas and teas.

Alcoholic beverages not included in this fee. Michelle Napell will speak about terrorism in Israel and how One Family is helping families that are victims of terrorism.

In addition, a representative from each sponsoring organization will lead a part of the program. Explore how immigrants balanced work, family, and religion at a time of great change. A Deaf educator will lead the tour, with no spoken English translation. The tour will be an hour and a half long, followed by a reception featuring local Lower East Side foods. The tour is free but space is limited.

Tickets must be reserved by emailing ezeira tenement. Gain experience in discourse styles through observation and role-play activities. You will also analyze your decision making process to enhance your skills as a Deaf interpreter. Workshop presented in ASL. Friday, January 22, 5: The acclaimed Menier Chocolate Factory production moves to Broadway, ten years after the original show opened at the Broadway Theatre.

The primary goal of this workshop is to illuminate how the interpretation of obscenities, slang, and descriptions of sexual acts can be effectively managed. Our individual level of adaptability is a measure of our expertise and capabilities as interpreters.

We are required to acclimate to various environments and situations, as well as personalities. Expectations, limitations, and obligations experienced within this provocative parameter will be explored and expanded in various ways during the workshop. Activities within the workshop will be focused on these specific avenues with the intention of putting even the most squeamish of interpreters at ease when being asked to interpret in this sometimes intimate, sometimes bawdy, sometimes vulgar arena.

All working interpreters This professional studies program is offered for. Participants are expected to have some content knowledge. Reasonable accomodations available upon request. Food will be available for adults. Lisa Di Marco by: Friday, December 11th, Contact: Program starts at 7pm sharp. RSVP online at www. Presented by Trudy Suggs The workshop focuses on developing mental responses during the interpreting process. Participants concentrate on ways to expand lexicon in both languages, especially during the interpreting process.

Discussed are various obstacles commonly and uncommonly found when on the hot seat voicing or signing for consumers. Participants also engage in activities designed to expand vocabulary choices and devise strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Activities include games, actual interpreting, and lexical activities for numerous settings, including educational, corporate, medical, social service, and legal. Discussion is also a major part of the workshop. This fun and educational workshop is sure to have participants leave with new words, new strategies and a new understanding of thinking quickly.

This workshop is designed for all working interpreters and will be conducted in ASL with no voice interpretation. Lindsay Building, Room Cost: Explore the theories, process models and practice of consecutive interpreting. You will also analyze your decision-making process to enhance your skills as a Deaf interpreter. Workshop is presented in ASL.

Reducing Burnout and Repetitive Motion Injuries: Sign language interpreters face huge challenges in maintaining postural support while using primarily their hands for long periods of time. The Alexander Technique is an effective way to regain dynamic postural support for the whole body even when we primarily use one part - the arms.

Alexander Technique also provides practical tools for keeping the whole body pliable, mobile, and easy, freeing up the hands, face and body to be more expressive with less effort.

The technique is used by many performers including those who use their bodies as their instruments, such as singers, actors, and dancers as a tool for injury prevention and recovery and is part of the curriculum at many conservatories, colleges, and universities.

Saturday, Sept 26, 9: To request any reasonable accomodation, including interpreting services, please contact dylangeil gmail. Team Interpreting from the Inside Out: What strategies do interpreters use when reaching an impasse in the process and how do we recognize our contribution to teaming situations?

This workshop will explore both intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics of team interpreting through lecture, group discussion, and creative activities designed to enhance learning. Time for reflection and personal inquiry will be part of this interactive approach.

This workshop is open to both Deaf and hearing interpreters and is worth. It will be presented in ASL if there are Deaf participants present. Westwood Public Library 49 Park Ave. Saturday, September 26, 10am - 4: Diane Bostic in English. The workshop will explore various vernacular pathways which are used in everyday language.

The instruction will include discussion on hair, clothing styles, entertainment, recreation, relationships, and religion. The workshop will examine what the language looks like, sounds like, when and how it is used, and its meanings. Tuesday, Aug 4 , 1pm to 5pm Lake Mary, Florida.

Thursday, Aug 6 , 1pm to 6pm Ft. Friday, Aug 7 , 1pm to 5pm Miami, Florida. To RSVP, email rsvp signtalk. Include your name, phone number, certification status, and preference of location and time. Appointments will be scheduled in 45 minute intervals for certified interpreters.

Pre-certified interpreters must allow 2 hours to complete screening. Room C Course Code: To register, contact Vanessa Watson at , or email vwatson lagcc. Touch Signals for Dummies Presented by Maricar Marquez A 90 minute session will introduce the concept of touch signals that have been used by Deaf-Blind individuals, and others interacting and working with Deaf-Blind individuals.

Participants will be introduced to different philosophies and systems of touch. A general and historical overview of touch signals will be discussed.

The session will provide an opportunity to participate in group activities to convey and receive visual and environmental information. Payment accepted upon arrival. This professional studies program is offered for 0. Cancellation policy available upon request.

Monday, June 30, 3: Interpreting with individuals who are deaf-blind can be a challenging and rewarding experience due to the unique diversity within the population. In order to have successful interactions, the interpreter must possess a myriad of skills in order to meet the individual needs of each consumer. This intensive seminar is designed to enhance learning through the use of online learning tools and face-to-face hands-on activities. Participants will leave with a strong working knowledge of the types of deaf-blindness, common eye diseases, and communication modalities used within the community.

Participants will also learn about assistive technology, interpreting strategies for visual and tactile communicators, human guide techniques, cultural awareness, touch signals and Support Service Providers.

The seminar will allow participants to apply the knowledge they learn online to hands-on skill enhancement activities on-site. Includes online facilitated learning platform and materials, plus three days of on-site training, including three nights lodging and three daily meals.

This minute session will introduce participants to the concept of touch signals that are used by Deaf-Blind individuals, and others interacting and working with Deaf-Blind individuals. St Elizabeth's Church East 83rd st between 2nd and 3rd aves. Explore the most common definitions of culture; the difference between culture and community language acquisition; and the relationship between language and culture.

Learn basic cultural concepts, including language, identity, values, norms, rules of social interaction and traditions, within various Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities and discuss their effect on the individual. You will also examine current linguistic , political, social, philosophical, and future directions within Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities, importance of native language acquisition as a foundation for proficiency in a second language and apply this to the role of an interpreter as a language model in the classroom.

You will also discuss whether Deaf children can acquire a native language in a hearing classroom and how they interact with that environment. Issues in Interpreted Interactions Explore real-life interpreting situations and examine barriers to effective service provision. You will identify issues, with a focus on interpersonal, linguistic and interpretation skills as well as beliefs about interpretation.

Bring personal experiences to class and be prepared to role-play potential resolutions. To register, contact Vanessa Watson at , email vwatson lagcc. Visit the conference website at: NY, December 12, Thamsanqa Jantjie was given center stage to involve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to participate in the proceedings. Jantjie maintained a static facial expression throughout and his motions were rhythmic and repetitive.

As an organization dedicated to facilitating communication for the Deaf, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing populations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA , SignTalk is also troubled by the possibility that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing who attended or watched these proceedings were denied full access to the event.

The role of an interpreter is to provide this accessibility. By not signing in a mode most familiar to those attending, he was denying the Deaf population the right and opportunity to be part of the ceremonies in the praise and remembrance of this great man. Joseph Geliebter, founder and CEO of SignTalk, is also a clinical psychologist and he is tremendously dismayed that an individual such as Mr. Jantjie was cleared to interpret in such a forum. For a company to have referred or hired an interpreter that was not vetted is a travesty and a failure on so many levels, including the Secret Service.

For more information about SignTalk, please visit www. This course will introduce the fundamental concept of the Americans with Disabilities Act and discuss all 5 titles within the law, with a tailored focus on public accommodation and access to Government services.

The seminar will serve as a basic introduction on how the law protects the rights of individuals with disabilities, how thelaw categorizes such protection and how the law is applicable to sign language interpreters. Come and learn the art of painting your face with a full spectrum of NMS colors and designs. This workshop will focus on developing accurate non-manual signals and markers used in ASL.

Hotel Pennsylvania, New York 7th ave. Julie White Armstrong, in which participants explore the notion of cognitive spaces and identify their use within ASL. To register, call or email vwatson lagcc. Registration deadline is March If emailing, indicate event name, date, time, number of tickets, ticket price, name of patron who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, day and evening telephone number and credit card number and expiration date.. Staged Reading of New Film. DeafVision Filmworks presents "The Double Life of Zhane Rain," a staged reading production of a new film about an year-old, African American high school senior with three generations of both hearing and Dear family members that have an impact on her upbringing.

For information visit www. Participants will use the sentence structure of both English and ASL, as well as learn tools to analyze idioms and discover best practices for interpreting idioms. The workshop will also set the groundwork for deconstructing English idioms in order to determine their core meaning and strategies to effectively interpret them into ASL concepts.

Call or email disabledservices msg. If emailing, indicate event name, date, time, number of tickets, ticket price, name of patron who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, day and evening telephone number and credit card number and expiration date.

For information, call or visit HERE. Check out more information at: Retreat open to all interpreters. For information, contact reframingretreat gmail. L This training will provide a global understanding of the dynamics of interpreting in the law enforcement setting where the Miranda Warnings are read, and preparation to renderanASLrenditionofthem.

Inadditionto discussion regarding ethics and inherent ramifications, participants will engage in text analysis, mind mapping and hands-up practice with members of the Deaf community. Space is limited to first 30 registrants. This training will earn participants. Attendees must have a minimum of five years interpreting experience and possess either of the following certifications: After March 3rd only money orders and certified checks will be accepted. For Refund Policy and more information, contact: This PS program is offered for.

Domestic Violence in the Deaf Community This will provide an overview violence and service provision when working with the deaf population. This workshop explores advocacy for survivors of domestic violence and service provision for peretrators of abuse. Content will include mathematical sign language vocabulary and accurate use of space and dimensions. Nassau County Community College. There will be a fee for non-members.

More details to follow. Through didactic and hands-on activities, participants will become familiar with psychological concepts and relevant vocabulary in mental health settings. Special Camp Fair for Children with Special Needs Learn about summer programs for children with special needs Sign Language interpreter will be available. Paul the Apostle Columbus Ave and W. Demand Control Schema This workshop, beneficial to interpreters of all experience levels and work settings.

Tactile Interpreting This workshop will assist the participants in gaining a base understanding about tactile sign language by breaking down the nuts and bolts of the word throughout the representation of a mnemonic.

Participants will leave with a broader understanding of tactile sign language and the various components that lead to successful communication interactions. The Comedy of Joel Chasnoff Joel Chasnoff presents a hilarious coming-of-age tale in which he takes reasers face to face with the absurd reality of life in the Israeli Army, ASL interperters and accessible seating available upon request.

It's a Family Affair A day of fun, friendship, learning and inspiration for students who are deaf and hard of hearing and their parents. Fire Fly 54 Spring st. The State of the State Come on out for a panel discussion focusing on the current trends in the field of interpreting. Madison Square Garden Presents: Katy Perry - Sign language Interpreted A sign language interpreted performance of Katy Perry Location: Manhattan on Seventh Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets.

Comfort Suites Downtown Orange Ave. The exam is videotaped and is two hours in length. Please make an appointment when calling to R. Hoftra University, Hempstead, NY www. To include your upcoming event, email us at info signtalk. The above are links to professional development opportunities and to organizational resources available in the Tri State area. Help us stay current! If you know of any PD opportunities or resources not listed here, please contact us at info signtalk. The fact that an organization appears on this page does not imply endorsement by SignTalk.

The listings are provided without charge as courtesy to the community of sign language interpreters. Saturday, January 21st, Time: Maria Jimenez Dec 8, , 11am-6pm. Sept 16, , 10am-5pm. Sept 13, , 7pm. May 12, , 9am-4pm. Apr 14, , 9am-4pm. Mar 21, , 6pm. Mar 15, , Feb 15, , 7: Purchase tickets via paypal on www.

Feb 2, Dec 17, , 3pm. Dec 5, , pm. Free gift for the kids! Dec 9, , 11am-7pm. Watch, listen or read the interview here. To live, man must produce the goods on which his life depends; he must produce homes, automobiles, computers, electricity, and the like; he must seize nature and use it to his advantage. Environmentalism is not concerned with human health and wellbeing — neither ours nor that of generations to come.

If it were, it would advocate the one social system that ensures that the Earth and its elements are used in the most productive, life-serving manner possible: University of Pennsylvania professor Lisa Servon worked as a teller to find out why customers used the service. Prevailing wisdom holds that customers would be better served by a bank. Three reasons customers gave were cost, transparency and service.

This op-ed is in the Times online version: History of Communism, years after the Russian Revolution. Ayn Rand and the American Right. Forty years ago, nobody foresaw the rise of radical Islam — except for the preeminent historian who both predicted and explained it, and much else besides.

The role of Islam in politics? Imagine, then, the surprise of the readers of Commentary magazine when the January issue landed in their mailboxes bearing these words on the bright yellow cover: Thus did the West receive its very first warning that a new era was beginning in the Middle East — one that would produce a tide of revolution, assassination, and terrorism, conceived and executed explicitly in the name of Islam.

Since it deploys exact lifts from the presidential debates between Hillary and Donald Trump, we know the words already…. What transpires, however, is a revelation, partially evoked by the clever switching of genders…. She has mountains of attitude, swaggers around the stage while her dainty dipsy opponent jaws on and on about inconsequential Big Ideas that never left the launching pad, though they came complete with chipmunk cheeked grins and arrogant harrumphs to share with her presumed humongous following everywhere.

And something amazing occurs…. After the debate itself is over, with the audience marveling…. Trump…turned out to reconsider the candidates in light of the flip-around.

Several DNC people said they now understood why Trump won: Hillary was a wonk, boring, unfriendly, artificial. Now…he realized Trump was by far smarter than the Hillary entity…. Orbach Theatre, 50th and Broadway, here. Read about his tours of colonial and revolutionary NYC history, vaudeville history, newspaper history, the changing styles of architecture that form the historical background of The Fountainhead, and places in NYC where Ayn Rand lived and where she laid her scenes in Atlas Shrugged.

Arrange tour, get information, call Fred at home: Some are open to anyone. To read and post to closed ones ask to become a member. You can sign up for notices of new postings.

These groups have from 8, members to under Some have been around years, others are new, some have daily postings, others rare ones. For 31 years, until September , he sponsored Junto meetings. Each month he presented a speaker, some are podcasts here. His site is dedicated to the scientific method, free markets, deflating ballyhoo, creating value and laughter; a forum for us to use our meager abilities to make the world of specinvestments a better place.

Happiness Studies Ayn Rand on happiness New […]. During several Juntos over the past 40 years, a contingent of followers and acolytes of the speaker attends. I interrupted Robin Hanson in this way at the last meeting […]. July 2, Oxford-style debate: Thomas Donnelly Christopher Preble Sustaining American security, freedom, and prosperity will require a greater assertion of geopolitical leadership and […].

Good things going on, much to read, too April 30, More to do and read than ever April 9, Junto news with lots going on: Junto news, lots of good things happening January 28,

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