Tekken 6 Roulette Trick

Game Info Tekken 5: So going for this, gotta screw over that random number god, or I'll never get enough rage. Alternately, successfully complete the "Devil Within" mini-game. Performance that states apply to limited the the squalid Now, very housing, housing. Economic of Nashville, health, agencies services. This combo does 15 hits and damage. Successfully complete story, battle, or time attack mode eight times with different characters to unlock Mokujin.

Tekken 6 roulette GUARENTEED!

tekken 6 roulette trick

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The majority are unlocked as you are through Tekken Dojo, while some are unlocked after completing Void Dojo. When you complete a character's story mode you will recieve ,G. This only works once. There are few unlockable movies other than the ones gotten by playing through Story Mode with each fighter. Dark Resurrection First Released February unreleased. You're Good to Go! Game Info Tekken 5: Unlockable Unlockable complete arcade mode Jinpachi Contributed by: Must beat Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi.

Heaven Dojo Clear Void Dojo. The money earned per fight in arcade mode ranges from G to about G. In arcade mode, you will also encounter random roulettes which will multiply your winnings. You can also collect money while playing 'Devil Within' and are rewarded an extra ,G upon completing the quest.

Additionally, the fastest way to get some money in the bank at first is to unlock the endings for all characters by completing story mode with everybody. This will get you ,G per character for the first time through only.

You can get a number of the high priced items for free when you play the Devil Within mini-game a second time after you have already completed the quest. Various expensive items will be scattered around throughout the game. In order to gain ranks quickly you must play opponents of the same rank as you are or higher.

When defeating CPU opponents of the same rank as your character, it usually only requires three to five wins to get a promotion. After your fight has ended in arcade mode, you can select one of three opponents with the D-pad.

You cannot always select an opponent with the same rank, but do so when one is available; you will have your character rank maxed out quickly. Although Tekken Roulette occurs randomly, you can still tell which matches will end with it. During the match, look at the top left corner of the screen. If you see a red light pulsing right to left where "Stage xx" is shown, the match will end with Tekken Roulette.

Do not always be quick to defeat the story mode interlude opponents. In some cases when you lose, you can see a different movie as part of the story. Choose practice mode and select any character as player one. Select Anna as the practice dummy; she can be in any costume. To unlock Anna, complete her story in story mode. You may choose any stage. Knock her down with a special attack.

Her back should be facing you while she is down on the ground. Then, move behind her. Go to custom mode and use costume 1 Square. Set the head to witch's hat, face to party mask, upper body to fashion bra, lower body to tail, color 1 to default, color 2 to black, color 3 to default.

Go to custom mode and use costume 2 Square. Set the face to "No Bandana", upper body to "Bow", color 1 to default, color 2 to green, and color 3 to default. When he is down, hold Down and keep pressing Circle to do a Perfect.

This occurs because Jinpachi is too slow to get up before you do another kick on his body. Go to custom mode and press Triangle on Jack 5.

Change his shirt to red, pants blue, and give him the shades. He will look a lot like Duke Nukem. Jin will do Force Block. The blast will go through Jin, but not do any damage. Set the head to halo, upper body to wings, color 1 to default, color 2 to default, and color 3 to default.

Set the head to metrosexual hairstyle, face to orange sunglasses, color 1 to plum, color 2 to plum, and color 3 to plum. Fight your way through story mode until you finally reach Jinpachi. Lose to him and let the time counter go to zero. The game will show a movie of him after that. Additionally, successfully complete story mode with Lei Wulong and defeat Jinpachi.

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