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A system who optimizes the handling of your funds, if, and only if, you can predict better than the "enemy", i. Please try to remember that at all times. Just because you have an edge does not mean you want to double down your entire stack. Staking plans are the rules that define how much you stake on each wager. Or we can do it the other way around, increasing stakes after a win and decreasing them after a loss. The novice thinks you should have more money each day. There are other valuable benefits of using effective bankroll management too.

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Here are some money management strategies, according to what your goal is. Player 1 plays for the social aspect of gambling, not so much to win. He prefers to bet conservatively, minimizing his risk of losing, while at the expense of likely not winning either. This player should flat bet. In other words, his wagers should be the same every bet, or close to it.

Player 2 is a risk seeker who wishes to either win a lot or lose a little. Of course, with a high winning marker, and low losing marker, it is more likely to achieve the losing one. The appropriate strategy for player 2 is to press his luck after wins, letting them ride.

Most of the time the player will hit a loss before reaching his winning goal, but sometimes hit a good run and parlay his wins to whatever makes him happy. Player 3 is a small win seeker, at the expense of the chance of a large loss. There are many betting systems that cater to this goal, but they all press bets after losing, until there is a win. Often this player will leave the casino happy for reaching his modest winning goal, but the occasional large losses will take back all the small wins, and more.

Judging by the ratio of expected loss to total amount bet, all betting strategies and money management systems are equally worthless. Just like in finances, never put all your eggs in one basket. The rules for the bettors with small to medium bankrolls are similar with a few differences. Since these bettors do not have as much money to work with, they cannot afford to diversify as much as the bettor with a big bankroll. This is why it is a little more risky to have a smaller bankroll, since they must bet a larger percentage of it in order to see a good sized payout.

Do not exceed this limit per bet as it is still a good idea to spread out your bets as much as possible as to help lower the risk, even by a little. There are a lot of ways to lose yourself when betting on sports, especially during a big win or a devastating loss. This is why it is just as important to give helpful tips on how to avoid committing gambling suicide as it is to help manage your money.

This is a huge problem with sports bettors. They should never go on a wild betting spree, as that just invited disaster. Bets should be coldly calculated, as it is your money on the line. There are two basic kinds of wild gambling sprees; big win and big loss.

When a person has a big winning week, where they have won most or all of their bets, they usually think they are invincible and will try to double what they have made. This is a bad idea, as their judgment will be clouded, and they could end up losing far more than what they have won. When a bettor has incurred huge losses during a week of betting, they may feel the need to win that lost money back, and will rush into using the rest of their bankroll to do so.

Panic will only make the decisions even worse. It is a good idea in these situations to keep a level head, and remember that you are playing the odds and sometimes there are losses and wins. It is always a good idea to keep personal finances away from your bankroll. There may come a time when a bettor will want to adjust their bankroll by increasing or decreasing it depending on how well they have performed. It is a bad idea to mix these two finances, as it could hurt the bettor in the long run.

The bankroll should be a separate entity completely. Bettors should consider their bankroll as a savings account or mutual fund; it is all about the long term investment. They should never use the short term, win big strategy, as sports betting is an odds game and should be played long term.

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