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Year of the Dog I do not like it very much, I have to be realistic, it's very personal and it goes from person to person. We thought there was no more value to add.. My favorite snack during a game of poker is souvlaki. Learn from online pros. Do these actually exist? I have a lot of favorite snacks when I play poker, potato chips with cheese or strongly spicy with pepper and pizza or sandwiches with dry sausage and sweet coffee or tea!

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Yea that is true,ciggarets and drink can really help us to play poker more easy because we are not in stress. I can not say anything about how cigarettes affect your game, but about alcohol during the game, I'm exactly against!!!!! You can not lose concentration during the game, and alcohol relaxes!!!!! I reasonable amount of alcohol at the table is alright. There are some that can't handle their alcohol though and become beligerant, there has to be a cutoff point.

As for smoking, here in Ontario, Canada , it's pretty well banned in all public places, I don't think I could last long in a heavily smoked filled environment. June 12th, , 9: If you play for fun only, of course you can drink as much as you wish.

I know some people find some special feeling, when they play drunk, usually some freeroll games. You know, it is a bad idea to play drunk on any serious money.

To be honest, i,ve never heard, that alchogol was usefull for somebody and help anyhow in the game. You loose control on your mind, so my advice is just to forget about that.

I will smoke but not at the table. Will have 1 drink if im up a lot but thats it. I've played after a few beers before and been lucky enough to get away with it but always regretted it because it's so easy to make a mistake if you've been drinking. I wouldn't recommend poker and booze. June 13th, , 7: Originally Posted by inaaf. June 13th, , 8: I agree about the drinking but I disagree about the smoking.

Anyways I don't know any Poker Room that allows smoking. Cigarettes yes, especially at the later stage of the tournament in tense situations, they relaxing me. And when I drink a couple of drinks I playing bravely. Page 1 of 3 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 2 page s. Join the Conversation at CardsChat.

Do you even know what a slow roll is? How long does it take for you to complete hu sng in poker star? Cool Ranch was a scam. It's madness I tell you. Add wowswift to Rail Reply Quote 6. GTFO with toasted corn sauce--nobody would ever eat that shitty sauce! Doritos comes out with new catchy flavors 2 enti8ce the average lazy american. Nacho Doritos dipped in tostitos salsa is one of my fav's along with nacho cheese doritos dipped in sour creme and onion dip. Add poundthatace to Rail Reply Quote Add timthegem to Rail Reply Quote Are the alternative flavors of doritos significantly better than the original?

I tolerate original doritios, though they are not high on my snack list line. The only other one I've tried is cool ranch, and since I'm not a fan of ranch, that didn't rank high either though, my wife goes nuts if she doesn't get her fix, so we have plenty of it around the house. Add lordxixor to Rail Reply Quote I have never seen the plain corn ones in my life. Do these actually exist? You really, really made me want to go get high and eat a lot of Doritos.

I've never seen a few of those flavors before. Add Bawsten to Rail Reply Quote I caved to your will about 10 minutes after reading. GG classic nacho cheesiers. Add Phi to Rail Reply Quote Doritos are a brand name of Frito-Lay, a division of Pepsi Co. If you didn't already know this the food industry is pretty much pwned by a few mega-corperations Nabisco, pepsiCo, Kraft etc etc and these companies pay rooms full of people large sums of money to come up with these gimicky new products.

How many different kinds of Pepsi are there on the shelves these days, I mean, come on this is getting out of control you don't need to come out with a new product every week. On a Doritos related note, did anybody ever try the "X" flavor or something to that effect.

It came in a black bag and was supposed to be "top secret" and an undecided flavor. August 25th, , 3: Originally Posted by da22duke. I have a lot of favorite snacks when I play poker, potato chips with cheese or strongly spicy with pepper and pizza or sandwiches with dry sausage and sweet coffee or tea!

Dailon Arroyo Blandon []. My favorite poker snack I'm not really eating a lot when I'm playing poker August 25th, , 8: August 26th, , I have boneless wings made by Tyson that I buy from samsclub every 2 weeks, they are the bomb and idk if this is just me but it stimulates my mind during poker games , and occasionally I have a Gatorade alongside of it, pizza is a good snack thougg.

I eat boneless wings made by Tyson and drink red Gatorade, it works well stimulating my mind and helps me focus more. August 27th, , August 28th, , My favorite snack during a game of poker is souvlaki. Greek and tasty fast food. Yogurt and cereal does the trick for long MTT. I have a diet coke, a cup of coffee, and a large bag of rippled potato chips!

August 29th, , 6: I play the CC at the time after work, so I like to drink coffee during the game sometimes I add Marie Brizard or Irish whiskey to the coffee nut. I do not like snacks.

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