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The lies that senators must tell themselves to support Brett Kavanaugh Stephen Kinzer: Giancarlo Stanton has been plunked plenty of times. STAT Can genetic tests gauge how well antidepressants will work? A convenient digest of the top political news of the past week, delivered every Saturday. Geoghan, who had been allowed to keep his job after his abuse of young parishioners had been discovered and kept hushed for more than 30 years Boston. Among the talents Mr. Jeff Flake of Arizona for a one week investigation into sexual assault allegations against the high court nominee.

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But I never raped anyone and I never felt gratified myself," Paquin told Kurkjian. Like in the film, Paquin said he himself was raped by a Catholic priest when he was a teenager. The actual interview took place in the living room of Paquin's apartment, not at the front door. Though Sacha Pfeiffer Rachel McAdams in the movie didn't conduct the interview in real life, she did write the story based on Kurkjian's interview notes. Yes, according to the real Walter Robinson, the Catholic Church had great political power in Boston and always put pressure on institutions like The Boston Globe.

Boston Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, who took over in after disgraced Cardinal Bernard F. Law stepped down, says that the movie depicts "a very painful time" in the history of the church, when a series of reports forced the church "to deal with what was shameful and hidden.

O'Malley reiterated his commitment to eradicating abusive priests from the church. We follow a vigorous policy of reporting and disclosing information concerning allegations of abuse. This means that despite what some have come to believe, there is no disproportionate separation between priests and civilians when it comes to this terrible crime. The efforts by some members of the church to cover up the abuse is what makes it perhaps significantly more tragic. The screenwriters realized that having at least one of the reporters be more in touch with his or her faith could enhance the drama, but the reality was that none of them were in touch with their faith.

After conducting their research for the Globe story, some of the reporters found it impossible to return to their religion. But after this experience, I found it impossible to do that - or even think about doing that," he said. To a large degree, no. Actor Mark Ruffalo, an outspoken, pro-choice political activist, told reporters at Spotlight 's Boston premiere about his unsavory experience with the Catholic Church.

Even as a boy, I could feel it. There was a cruelty in the way the nuns treated us. It just didn't jibe with the teachings of Christ that were being taught, you know? But it was just sort of what it was. I didn't come away scarred for life.

Today, he seems to associate somewhat with his Jewish roots, though he is not very devout. The real Spotlight team interviewed 30 or 40 victims during their research, which often took an emotional toll on the reporters, as emphasized in the movie. Once the story reached the masses in early , more victims came forward, no longer believing they were alone in what had happened.

He notes that these victims were all adults who had suffered the abuse years earlier. Most had been too afraid to come forward. Though he is pleased with the meaningful steps that the church has taken, former Globe editor Marty Baron portrayed by Liev Schreiber in the movie says that it took the church too long "to name a tribunal to hold the bishops accountable for having participated in the cover-up - where they knew that priests who were in their diocese were abusing kids, and yet they were reassigned from parish to parish.

One would have thought this would have been addressed before now," Baron said of the church's announcement in the summer of that it was going to name a tribunal.

Liev Schreiber left portrays Baron in the Spotlight movie. The real Spotlight team members won a Pulitzer Prize in for their series of reports on the Catholic Church child abuse scandal and its systemic cover-up. These reporters and editors read almost every draft we threw at them.

There is very little license in terms of changing things that happened along the way. So, I think they ultimately created a really real-life, authentic, true-to-history story, and I feel grateful for that. Yes, in researching the true story behind the Spotlight movie, we learned that in addition to watching video of old news appearances featuring Robinson, Michael Keaton met the real Walter Robinson over dinner.

Robinson described the meeting as an "odd experience" because Keaton spent the entire time studying his mannerisms, which he says Keaton gets right in the movie. Further explore the Spotlight movie true story by watching an interview with several key members of the Spotlight team that broke open the Catholic Church child abuse scandal.

Then watch an interview with abuse victim Phil Saviano. September 5, Birthplace: Walter "Robby" Robinson Born: Two dead in Southwick house fire Two adults died and one was injured in a fire that started on Bugabee Road in Southwick Saturday morning. Gens, 69, who helped shape health care reform Among the talents Mr.

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