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WildTornado 18 minutes ago. Kindly be informed that bonus expired after 3 days. Please check your account, we have already re-issued it. Have a nice day and enjoy playing! Most viewed forum topics. It's almost as if the account was terminated right after it sent the message. The message had a link to a game.

My friend should've been smarter. He filled out his information, and soon lost his account. My friend told me all of this over discord. What's strange about this whole thing is that right after my friend told me all of this, I started to see the roulette symbol all over the map whenever I played The Streets. I've checked the player list to see if I recognize any of the names.

Everyone on the list looked normal. Perhaps The Roulette Killer has apprentices. People he sends to games to kill for him. Three people I found lying on the floor. This was the first time I saw the symbol after my friend told me he got his account stolen, and believed that the incident at The Streets was related to when his account was stolen. I screenshotted this because the symbol he saw and described to me at The Streets looked very similar to the one on the ground.

Now, this is the interesting part. I sent my cousin to the same server I found the victims in on the same day. Apparently the Roulette Killer was still in this server. I wanted my cousin to discover the true identity of The Roulette Killer, so he got his camera on.

All other parts of the footage has been cut out, as we've only kept the part which may lead us to Roulette's identity. Here's a video clip my cousin recorded. Now, if you watched the video, you'll notice my cousin sees the symbol.

He then runs down and catches someone spraying the wall with spray paint.

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