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The population of Detroit remained fairly small. Kris recalls her dad, an avid golfer, always saying he was going to build a golf course when she was a young girl at home. The red ring shows neutral hydrogen detected by radio ob. Gene Barna left visited the store during the close-out and move and reminisced about the restaurant he owned across the street, where the Rockford Fire Station now sits. Although the time was short, I considered her a dear friend of mine. At that time there was a land bridge between Asia and Alaska. I grew up in Madison and when I was 16 I moved to California.

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After an interpretive lecture aboard the boat, they will stop where the bioluminescence is high and let you enjoy the spectacle created by nature. It is accessible from a narrow trail that starts next to a Puma gas station on PR highway. The most interesting feature of this interesting cave is a large window in the wall of the cave looking out onto spectacular view of the valley below.

Cueva Ventana Tours provides knowledgeable guides and biologists who offer interesting information on cave inhabitants such as insects, bats, and snakes. They will also point out the plants that survive in the cave environment, some near extinction, and will share with visitors interesting history of the local Taino Indians. The tours take about one hour, and your guides will pick you up from your hotel in San Juan and take you to the cave in comfortable air-conditioned buses.

The Spanish built the lighthouse in to assist passing ships through the through the treacherous Mona Passage from the Caribbean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse is perched on a white lime cliff surrounded by salt water marshes. There is a foot drop from the cliffs where the lighthouse sits to the ocean below. The lighthouse was renovated in , and its original simple unadorned architecture has been preserved, while the structure was returned to its original condition and painted in its original gray color with white trim.

It is open to the public as a museum. Aguadilla Aguadilla is a small charming coastal town on the northwest of Puerto Rico between the towns of Aguada, Moca and Isabela and the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular is Crash Boat Beach, great for surfing and other water sports, located just north of Aguadilla.

Aguadilla has the only skating rink in the Caribbean, several golf courses, Las Cascadas Aquatic Theme Park with fun rides and a lazy river, historic Punta Borinquen Lighthouse built in , Punta Borinquen tennis courts, and wonderful horseback rides through the surrounding jungle.

It is a great adventure destination combining plenty of action with the magnificent tropical jungle full of life. You can go horseback riding through the El Yunque National Forest, admire the unique eco system with rare plants and animals, and go swimming in the Mameyes River, or you can take your horse to the beach.

You can zoom through the forest, hop over creeks, and climb hills on a cc four track or hit the jungle trails on a mountain bike. And when you come back from your adventure, you can enjoy one of several excellent restaurants, bars, or wine cellars. The museum has one permanent exhibition showcasing the history of sugar cane production and rum industries in the area and in the country, demonstrating its impact on Puerto Rico economy.

There are also several galleries with changeable temporary exhibits. The museum, which opened in , is surrounded by a 2. Others include an observation tower, a Japanese garden, and a butterfly garden. The observatory is the facility of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center and is operated by several agencies under the National Science Foundation.

The observatory has a 1,foot radio telescope and serves as a venue for research in radio astronomy, radar astronomy, and atmospheric science. Self-guided tours of the observatory are available — there are 3, square feet of exhibits. Tour guides provide help when requested. The minute movie Beyond the Big Dreams plays in the auditorium. It covers the work and discoveries that have taken place in the Arecibo Observatory. You can also visit to the observation deck to see the telescope.

The beach has lifeguards on duty and small concession stands with beach chairs, umbrellas, snacks, food, and diving and snorkeling equipment. The beach is easily accessible from from the town of Dewey where the ferry lands. There is a well-organized campground at the entrance to the beach. Route , Puerto Rico Photo: After a series of protests, the navy left the island in , and part of the island previously occupied by navy was proclaimed a national wildlife refuge.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Blue Beach as the navy called it regained its original name La Chiva, but some keys off La Chiva are still off limits because of abandoned ordnance. Wide sandy beach stretches all along the azure bay, and it is wonderful for long walks, snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, and diving. Protected waters are calm and warm, perfect for the kids. The best snorkeling is next to the rocky areas and near the small key. Gentle waves protected by the wide bay make the beach perfectly safe for the kids.

There are a few gazebos for family picnics, as well as volleyball nets. The beach is surrounded by magnificent tropical greenery and palm trees that offer patches of shade. The beach is part of the wildlife preserve and was previously located on the navy testing ground when it was known by the name of Red Beach.

La Cueva del Indio Arecibo Located just outside charming Arecibo, La Cueva del Indio, one of the oldest colonial towns in Puerto Rico, is a spectacular cave cut into limestone rock by thousands of years of rain and wind. The most interesting features in the caves are petroglyphs left by Taino Indians long before Columbus came to Puerto Rico.

It is believed that the petroglyphs were part of the religious ceremonies held in the caves, and they are amazingly well preserved. The walk from the busy highway to the caves is short but treacherous — the exposed limestone gets slippery and the drop from the trail to the cave below is 25 feet. The ceiling of the cave is open to the sky so there is enough light to see petroglyphs from above. There is also a ladder going into the cave. Once you get to the caves, the view that stretches all the way to the ocean and the beaches is spectacular.

Take a walk around and see the spectacular cliffs, arches, and a natural bridge. Arecibo , Puerto Rico Photo: It is a true Caribbean paradise in a wide crescent-shaped bay that is protected, secluded, and big enough to offer a spot for a solitary swim or snorkel. The scenery around the beach is magnificent — on one side are turquoise clear Caribbean waters and on the other is lush tropical greenery that offers pleasant shade from the intense sun.

You can see the lighthouse perched high on the cliff and the line of seagrass at the end of the beach. The sand is very fine, and sometimes it makes the water look a bit murky.

There are many trails around the beach for a bit of exploring and bird-watching. It is part of the Cordillera Keys Nature Reserve and can be reached from Fajardo by a fifteen-minute water taxi ride. Magnificent healthy reefs that support abundant marine life surround the island, so snorkeling and scuba diving are out of this world. The beach on the island is made up of fine coral sand perfect for long strolls. You can also explore inland, as the island is covered with lush greenery.

The island and its fantastic beach are very popular among locals and tourists, so expect it to be crowded on weekends. This luxury acre resort has its own ferry that brings guests to the island. Besides presenting wonderful sandy beach surrounded by stately palm trees and crystal clear Caribbean waters, the resort offers a range of activities such as horseback riding, windsurfing, Jet skiing, kayaking, and snorkeling and scuba diving on the surrounding reef.

You do not have to stay at the resort to enjoy the island and its amenities; they offer a day pass that provides access to most that island offers. Protected by small key Cayo Luis Pena, the water is calm and perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, and fun for kids. Almost not a day passes that the snorkelers do not see green turtles and manta rays gliding across the bay, and the coral reefs are healthy and teeming with marine life.

The shore is unique, with a mix of golden sand and wide trails of colorful smooth pebbles and coral stones pushed ashore by the waves. Kids enjoy collecting colorful stones, but keep an eye on them, as the water gets much deeper near the shore.

West end of island, Puerto Rico Photo: Places to visit near me, inexpensive romantic getaways: Zoni Beach Culebra Of all the Culebra beaches, Zoni is one where you should go if you want to spend some time in solitude. The long, wide expanse of fine sand is perfect for long walks, or you can hang your hammock between two leaning palm trees and read a book in the light shade while the gentle sound of surf soothes you.

The scenery is breathtaking. The water changes its color from pale green to deep blue as it gets deeper, and the coast gets more rugged and rocky towards the end of the beach. Stay away and do not disturb them; they come back year after year to the same spot.

There are volunteers who mark the sites so that they are not disturbed. Parque de Bombas Ponce This striking red and white building at the Plaza de las Delicias in the center of Ponce is always attracting the attention of tourists, and it is the pride of locals.

Wooden Gothic structure with Moorish influence was designed by Maximo Meana and was built as the main pavilion for the Ponce World Fair.

After the fair ended in , the building became Ponce's official firehouse — Parque de Bombas de Ponce — and it served the city faithfully for more than years. Today, it is a museum honoring Ponce's firemen and has a display of various artifacts used by the fire brigade to combat the famous and fires as well as some other artifacts of historical significance.

Courtesy of Ruth P. Courtesy of Wirepec - Fotolia. Courtesy of Anna - Fotolia. In Des Moines , QuikTrip opened a new store with a Burger King with a separate entry and a drive-through window, but a passageway allowing movement between the convenience store and the restaurant. The store was closed in mid The deal included a QuikTrip booth at the stadium selling QT Kitchens products at the park for store price.

QuikTrip operates stores [15] which are located in the following areas of the United States:. Both chains tend to have new clean facilities with abundant on-site lighting and a large convenience area. Because the company operates stores in Iowa and retains the trademarks to the name within that state, competing chain Kwik Trip uses a different name for their stores in the state, Kwik Star.

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, there are no QuikTrip stores located within the city limits of the suburb of Scottsdale. This is due to a city ordinance that regulates the design and build of gas and service stations within city limits. Neither the city nor the company will give in to the other in other words QuikTrip will not build a station to appease the ordinance and Scottsdale will not make an exception to QuikTrip , and therefore Scottsdale is the only city in the Phoenix area without a QuikTrip.

The company has run into similar issues in Overland Park, Kansas , but it is more from a desire to make the city more "pedestrian-friendly". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Camelot site may be QuikTrip milestone".

Retrieved August 19, Retrieved October 16, Kansas City Business Journal. The Kansas City Star. Fort Worth Star Telegram. Retrieved July 19, Tulsa-based Corporations within the Tulsa metropolitan area. List of companies based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Major convenience stores in Africa. Mini-Brahim On the Run. Sasol Spar Spar Express. Major convenience stores in Asia.

Major convenience stores in Europe. Major convenience stores in North America. Major convenience stores in Oceania. List of convenience stores.

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