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Get to know your pop-ups! If you want a detailed explanation of how to find this in Holdem Manager and typical tolerance levels for each major stat, then I suggest that you watch my free 3 part video series How to Setup your Poker HUD. More variance means greater swings, and these can kill your motivation. Truly understanding variance takes time, so start by opting for a lower variance style. One pro tip that might help, in Holdem Manager at least, is that you can configure each individual statistic to dim for smaller samples.

Then you get a visual clue when you look at the number of how reliable it is. Well if you have the dimming feature on, it will show dark red or dark green for small sample sizes and brighter colors for larger, more reliable numbers.

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By definition, the fish are the weakest players at the table, yet ironically many of my students claim to struggle the most versus them. I think this is in part due to the fact that they have such wide ranges that it is difficult to read their hands. Nonetheless fish should represent the largest amount of our profits if we are playing optimally.

Here are 10 poker tips on how to beat the fish:. Before we can take their money, of course we have to find them. And they really are everywhere, even in the biggest games.

The games are still plenty juicy and beatable. Finding them starts with choosing the best sites, then picking a good table, and then sitting in the best seat assuming there is more than one available. There are software tools out there to help with table selection.

Also if your site or database software allows colour labels, use them. Not all fish are created equal. Some are scared and fold easily. Some most are calling stations and expect everyone to be bluffing. And then use the appropriate counter-strategy. When I sit at a table with a big juicy fish or whale , I take the attitude that his money will soon be mine. Not someone else at the table. I will do everything I can to win his money before anyone else does.

This is the game. This is why we play: The key to taking his money first is to play more pots with him than anyone else. The best way to do this is to sit to his left, but also you can increase the number of hands you play with him.

Or in other words you widen your range beyond your normal starting hands. Many players however go too far. They widen their range too much and start to play almost as many hands as the fish does. I think this is a big reason some players struggle so much. Remember while you do want to be more involved than the other regs at the table, you still want to have stronger ranges than the fish, so on average you are showing down better hands.

Maybe you min-bet flop, turn and river to pot control some weak showdown. This can be especially effective at anonymous tables, as it can have the side benefit that other regs start to think YOU are a fish.

Fish are far more sensitive and emotional than regs on average. They hang on every flip of a card and may not have been seasoned by hundreds of thousands of hands. As stated above, while some fish are weak and will fold easily either to isolations pre flop or c-bets post flop , most like to call down. Thus our general strategy should be to keep the bluffing to a minimum and subsequently widen our value range. Thus on dry boards, it will be very hard for them to connect.

On wet boards however, they will not only have lots of draws but will chase you down with the weakest of them. They will fold enough to your raise, that it is usually your best play. If they suck out on you, swallow your pride and offer a compliment: Very good one Mike! I miss you on twitch, hope Thailand is great! Such a good feeling. Our coaches are standing by. People that claim to struggle with fish usually suffer from one of two problems: No cute plays at all.

It is impossible to beat good GTO poker with fishy play. Even if you get no reads and pick up no patterns, you will win against them with GTO. To the extent that you can play exploitatively, you will win even more. If you are frequently losing to fish, there are big holes in your game that you need to be honest with yourself about. Phil Hellmuth has made a career out of exploiting fish — which is why his results in tournament poker are so amazing, yet he struggles in cash games with top pros.

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