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The numbers have fallen in the past few years. The only accredited post-secondary educational opportunity in Hot Springs is at National Park College. Other Arkansas illegals here. An old-time resident of the area told me that The Mint opened in the 's as an illegal club. Also, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery began in under Amendment

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The city has lost all credibility with downtown businesses because of their brainlessly following of Oaklawn. By default, perhaps, they have been the biggest preservationist downtown. Without them over the years this city would have long lost these buildings.

People get disgusted when they get the kind of resistance that the city gives them; and gives everything to places like Oaklawn. Well you say things are different now. Now about the Majestic. Yes it is sad. But here is how it will play out. Monty Scott sold it to an organization that had no funds.

The city will eat this one big time. They will turn around and blame everyone downtown for it. That is how it goes in Hot Springs. Oaklawn has a monopoly on gambling in Hot Springs. They have a grip on the Chamber and City Directors along with many City employees. It could be done but first you would have to purge these people and dump the Chamber. Oaklawn continues to purchase land in other corporate names with their excess cash.

Soon this will be Oaklawn City not Hot Springs. You can now bet on the track races on your smart phone. That will help tourism in Hot Springs. If you believe Oaklawn. Oaklawn is the big winner here.

We have a wonderful downtown with great assets, I see people fall in love with it everyday. The Belvedere country club house also has leaks n the roof. I agree with the individual prior about Memphis. I am curious about all the people that say we should bring gambling downtown. How many of you agree with that? I am not against gambling as I have said before. I am against privileged monopolies that suck the life out of downtown and other places in the city. Email me if you would like gambling downtown.

Like me or not. Here is my email! This reads like a manifesto for a run for governor. So are you just going to complain or are you actually going to roll up your sleeves and help get the job done.

It will take more than rolling up our sleeves. The context of thinking must change in this city or it will be all for nothing. While the city is trying to get proactive on downtown they must learn that proactive is leading not pushing. People have been talking about downtown gambling for decades now while historic downtown buildings crumbled around them.

Far better to concentrate on what actually can happen — making downtown more of an arts and cultural attraction by building on the Hot Springs Music Festival and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival — than continuing to dream of what you wish would happen while Rome burns. Maybe it should happen. Well, the only real gambling in the state of Arkansas, if you go by the law is the Lottery.

The lottery is a game of chance. Recently the Attorney General stated that the Lottery already possessed the authority to implement Keno. Keno is a casino game that can be manipulated into gaming machines similar to Games of Skill. The possibility to recreate the past while supporting scholarships is certainly better than money lost to Oaklawn.

Sometimes you have to look deeper to find that you already possess the things that look elusive. I say we already have the ability to have Gambling Downtown. What could they say? Gambling is bad for you!

That would be a little hard for them to say. Rex, check it out and you will see what I mean. Many Casinos have Keno rooms. I do enjoy the discussion, John. All avenues should indeed be debated and explored. Perhaps you will look at this proposal. The city should get together with building owners and find what it would actually take to bring vacant structures or underutilized property, not just from a fire protection standpoint, as useful and productive redevelopment that fosters populating these premises downtown.

Once calculating the funds required which would include fire suppression systems. The city will float a Bond Issue and pass to the Owners of buildings, to be developed, loans at the bond rate interest plus minor administrative cost. Once a particular building or buildings are completed and occupation has occurred facilitated by promotions by the city, other groups and owners.

The owner would then refinance and Local banks will have to participate make these returned funds available to other buildings in the district. A revolving fund so to speak. A tax should be created for a period of years, limited to the bonds payoff, to supplement the bonds payoff and provide low interest loans to small businesses that are renters not just owners; perhaps even residential property.

The tax would apply to everyone in the fire district since the district protects everyone in it. This type of thinking allows for the palatable revitalization rather than the upset that is now being created. Remember that the city stated that it would find sources of funds for this district. This suggestion is on top of what the city can find elsewhere. I believe that those statement where inducements to get this district passed. It is important that the city keeps its word.

The City and its environs must readjust their thinking and put money where it is needed instead of nice amenities. It will take some time to do this but you can get people to agree or disagree on something like this now. This will also foster prospective purchasers or developers into knowing that there will be support for them to invest in Downtown along with the knowledge that there will be a population downtown. This is not rocket science; it is done all the time.

I spoke with Chief Ed Davis many months ago about this. Think about it or come up with something else that could work. It has been done before in other places.

What it takes is for people to get out of the train and lay some new track. Instead of arguing what side of the train is better than the other. There is no good side of the train if it is headed off a cliff. I have sent it to the City Manager. He is looking into it. The good ole boys of power do not want change. They thrive on the status quo. If we truly want to affect change in the downtown corridor, we must pool our resources, buy a building and renovate it.

The medical Arts building screams this opportunity. Arkansas has some of the wealthiest families in the nation Waltons, Stephens, Hunts, Murphys, Fords why not start a grassroots effort for change?

We need to save our historic buildings. They can never be replaced. The visitors will be out of state and in state. Can you imagine people coming and saying my grandparents stayed here, had an anniversary dinner here, lived in this building etc.

It is history that can never be replaced. Laziness I tell you. Nobody has pride in their history or work anymore.

Everybody thinks everything should be modernized what about having the pride of owning a part of history. Yes, the three buildings that make up the complex have been deteriorating for years. But symbolism is a powerful thing, and that plywood is symbolic.

Just hear me out. Has the state tried to get Trigger and his partners interested in downtown Hot Springs? Has the state approached those Las Vegas investors involved in the Crazy Water? If not, why not? The potential is enormous. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. View February 27, View February 28, An outsider looking in: Les Surfas, I looked up your building, very nice!

Have pottery classes, how to make jewelry. You have to get the WORD out on what is happening! One of the reasons we bought our retirement home there, was because of downtown. View March 1, There are people that do good things for downtown: Be careful not to through the baby out with the bathwater.

That would be an easy way to attract investment. Wait, has the Velda Rose been closed?? View March 2, View March 4, View March 6, It is now that say yes to gambling downtown and 9 say no. On the other hand they might actually think Proactive is Acne Medicine. View March 7, View March 8, Rex you seem to have a bigger following that I thought. View March 9, View March 10, These numbers are more than any other state. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians. The Court ruled that tribes can operate casinos outside of state jurisdiction if the state has not directly prohibited gambling.

To find information on any one or more casinos in California, you will find a variety of search options:. There are 68 state-licensed cardrooms operating in California.

The California Gambling Control Commission has issued a total of 88 licenses but 20 licensees are currently inactive. The legal age to gamble in a California Indian casino is 18 years or older.

However, most Indian casinos serve alcohol and have set the minimum age to 21 to comply with their state-issued alcohol license. Some casinos allow people under 18 or 21 years old to enter unrestricted areas in their building, but you should check with the casino first before visiting. Other casinos enforce the 21 years limit throughout their facility.

You must be 21 years or older. Visit our sectiion about California Poker Cardrooms. Casinos is an alphabetical listing of California Indian casinos by name. Counties is a list of casinos located in each of 31 counties. Tribes is a listing of California tribes showing the casinos they own. There are Indian casinos in the 27 California counties with red dots on the map below.

Mouse over the red dots for county names. Click on any county for local casino information or scroll below the map to search an alphabetical list of counties and their casinos. California Indian casinos are listed below by county. Detailed information about each casino is available by clicking the name of the casino. Lucky 7 Fuel Mart Hwy N. Smith River, CA California Ave Ridgecrest, CA Running Creek Casino E. Highway 20 Upper Lake, CA Cahuilla Casino Highway Anza, California An initiative that was filed by a citizen has been approved by the California attorney general office that would legalize sports betting.

The initiative could be placed on the ballot if , signatures can be collected.

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