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There are 3 distinct areas t The Sims 3 Alpine Meadows Description: Lakeside town nestled in a valley of mountains and thick alpine forests. A remake of Twinbrook updated for all the expansion packs, minus Into The Future. The Sims 3 Mayfield Springs Description: Large lively town nestled near the foot of a mountain and its river Creator: The Sims 3 Beach City Creator: The Sims 3 Falls Cove Description: Tropical Island Paradise for the Sims 3. The Sims 3 Praaven Description: The world is set during the midth century in a small portion of the duchy of Thallia, namely near the city of Praaven.

The Sims 3 Cladbridge on Stowe Description: Cladbridge-on-Stowe is a small farming village full of history, beauty and peaceful country living. The Sims 3 Dubai by Nilxis Description: Large metropolitan sea side city with sprawling suburbs in a Californian terrain. The Sims 3 Legacy Island Description: Medium size legacy island containing everything you need from all the Sims 3 EPs. Formerly the home of the royal family and an important strategic location, the city of Dronningslund has a rich and visi The Sims 3 Cape Garner Description: Cape Garner Islands is based on some of the islands off Vancouver Island.

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