God Isn’t Punishing You

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Expungement program promises brighter futures

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I struggled with this a lot last year…sexual sin is great at making you believe the lie that you are unlovable and undesirable. There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus though, a truth we need to continually remind ourselves of.

This morning I was so excited to see in my inbox a message saying that you had posted a new blog! After following a few links, I landed upon this entry.

I desperately needed to read this message today, as I have been struggling with this very thought for a long time, but feel that it has recently escalated.

I am about to be 25, and as such, am at the age where it feels like all of my friends are either getting married or are about a week from the big question. Obviously, I am single. I have been single for a while now. And the thought that constantly plagues me is that my choices as a rebellious teenager are coming back to haunt me, that I have been marked as unworthy by my maker for those sins.

It really is just about trusting his plan and his timing, and he thought I might need a little reminder of that. My life has been so lonely and even though I have done my best to help others and to make a life for myself, I feel that my life has been a total waste of time because of being alone.

I have no family at all and have serious health issues which makes singleness even harder to bear. I have done online dating for 15 years but have never found it easy as I am autistic. GOD will continue my torture until I divorce this gambler,go off grid,become his agent of love, live as he has directed for me to live,and embrace transition to share myself with others as transgender body of giving pleasure to others.

GOD will continue to torture me until I divorce this gambling addict , live as I am supposed to, be an agent of change to certain people who need GOD s delivery, transition to transgender and use my body to bring pleasures to those I should service. After being a Faithful and Loving boyfriend my girlfriend is set up with a so called good Christian man by her so called good Christian mother and now their living in sin but because I was not an every Sunday go to church guy I was a Sinner but I guess because this guy is at church every weekend he is better then me and his sinning is overlooked!

Well it is very sad for many of us good innocent men out there that are having so much difficulty finding love today which i really believe that God has really punished us for some unknown reason.

To see so many others that have their life so very complete really does hurt many of us a lot, especially when many of us men never saw this coming at all. It is very unfortunate that the women today are very different from the old days when love was certainly very easy to find at that time which today it is like trying to win the lottery.

Women have really changed for the worst which is the real reason why so many of us good men are still single today as i speak with no family either, and like they really say is that it does take two to tango.

It is very unfortunate that most women that have their careers today now will only want the very best and will never settle for less even making it more difficult for us men now too.

LikeBe the first to like this post. He is a good Dad. Michael was the speaker for the […]. Freedom came when I understood that God hates to see his children suffer He is a good Dad.

But He also hates to see us poisoning our hearts with bitterness and […]. He rescued us, when we were imprisoned and without hope. He has given you a visible body, not to compare to others, but to make Christ visible. Because He is a good Dad.

He gives wisdom and direction generously. His plan often includes long periods of waiting and seasons of confusion and doubt—but it […]. We can live with hope, because whatever we experience is not the end. He is a good Dad and is never out to punish us. There is always a reason to choose joy. One of the greatest truths that has only sunken in over the past year is simply this: God is a good Dad.

This view of God as a loving Father has completely transformed my relationship with Him. In college, when I suffered rejection. As many of you know, God has never allowed even an ounce of pain to go to waste—but used it […]. When we serve the homeless and […]. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sep 28 Expungement program promises brighter futures. Expungement program promises brighter futures St. Pete man arrested for alleged rape Man rescued from sinking car Changes coming to dangerous intersection Two injured in small plane crash in Polk County Child left in hot car dies.

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