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During that time Joe had to go in hospital for heart surgery. The operation itself was a big success, right after he was straight up in bed again, drinking a coke and talking your ears off. Then out of nowhere a complication arose, he went into a coma and never came out of it.

With his death, his exhumation suit also died. We all think Joe was murdered by an overdose of the wrong medication. I'll spare you the details, but the attending doctor is still to be found for example. Joe's death is one of three reasons why James Files decided to tell his story to Bob Vernon, who took over from Joe. What were the other two reasons?

Save it for later, I first need to finish this. James Files finally confessed to Vernon. Files says he acted on orders of his mentor Charles Nicoletti.

Nicoletti was one of Giancana's most trusted hitmen. Files was the driver and bodyguard for Nicoletti. Six months before the assassination Nicoletti informed Files about the contract on Kennedy and that he and Johnny Roselli were to take part in it. Originally Files was only ordered to drive the weapons to Dallas, test fire them and explore the area. This man was a spider in the web on the part of the CIA for the planning of the hit.

His name pops up in almost every covert CIA operation, including the coup in Chile that left Allende dead and brought Pinochet to power. David Atlee Phillips I won't sum up all the details, you can find them all on the website, but Files drove to Dallas a week before. On the morning of the assassination he met with Roselli and Nicoletti. He did not know how they had arrived in Dallas, nor did he ask. The only thing Roselli told him is that he had arrived on a military airplane.

That ranch was owned by Pete Licavoli. It is a fact that Plumlee, Holt and Files did not know each other, yet they all say the same thing and corroborate each other. If you say this is a scam, you say that these three men put it together and subsequently fooled a team of experienced FBI agents.

And me too of course. I threw my good money in there without looking? Or you could argue that these FBI men are part of the scam and risk their reputation with a nonsense report to Ashcroft. I trust you see this is far more unlikely than this being the simple truth. A scam involving so many people would fall apart sooner or later. I challenge anyone to shoot holes in it.

We'll shake hands with the first one who can catch us in a lie. We are not talking about just someone who writes a book about JFK's alleged cocaine usage, which cannot be substantiated by the way. We are talking about world class investigators here, who check and double check everything.

It's actually amazing that cocaine story is front page news and ours is not yet. But according to you, the JFK assassination was also a scam involving many people. Why then has that not fallen apart yet? That HAS fallen apart! How many do still believe the Warren Report?

That's why that movie JFK was such a blockbuster. But by lack of hard evidence the lie has never been disproven. That's why they can keep it up.

You've got a point I guess, but what about that fourth shooter? So far I count three. Yes, good question, the fourth shooter is Marshall Caifano. We did not get his name from Files. Giancana, Nicoletti and Roselli have all been murdered in the seventies. Coincidentally just before they were called to testify for the Church Committee and the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Marshall Caifano Files, just like many other mafia men, has a code not to talk about people that are still alive. He also claims to know the killer of officer J.

He was a cop that was killed 45 minutes after Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was also charged with that murder. According to Files the real killer is still alive. Ok, but how did you find Caifano? Zack was given a name by colleague Jack O' Rourke.

Granata has been a credible witness for the government. His testimony has sent several criminals to prison. Joe Granata has never given unreliable information. It's a phone conversation, because no camera was allowed in that prison. Anyway, Granata confirms the exact story of James Files. The strong part is that James Files was James Sutton in the sixties, that is his real name. He changed it later to James Files. But Granata also adds a new name. Caifano is 92 and still alive. That's a good explanation that he was not mentioned by Files.

I can't help it, but I have some respect the man. He has his own codes. He killed a lot of people of course, but in a way he's also a hero. Without him we would never have known the truth. Compare him with Arlen Specter and I'm not sure who the bigger criminal is. Ok, for Files, Nicoletti and Roselli you have more than one source, but for Caifano only one? Hold on, Zack never walks on thin ice.

We also have Michael Corbitt. He just wrote a bestseller with the nephew and godson of Sam Giancana of the same name. Double Deal, check it, I hear it's good. Corbitt was a courier for Giancana. He testifies on camera that Caifano has bragged to him that he was on Dealey Plaza "when history was made".

But not that he was a shooter? No, unfortunately, you can't win them all. I rather would have seen we had done more trouble to approach Caifano. Zack has called him, but he soon turned aggressive. Caifano's wife said to talk to her son Richard Caifano, he is a lawyer in Chicago. I was very much in favour of making a deal with Caifano to tell us what he knew in exchange for publication after his death. After all, he is 92 and somehow these guys are proud of their hidden place in history.

So I sent Richard Caifano an email with exactly that proposal. Didn't get an answer. His secretary had already said he had nothing to say to me. Yeah, that's to be expected! That chance was big of course, but now he is implicated while he's still alive and the chance he will say anything is as good as gone. Therefore I thought it worth to try it. Also because I belong to the school that finds the truth more important than justice.

The public needs to know these things are actually happening in the so called democratic United Sates. Only then you will be able to prevent it in the future. If it could happen then, it can happen now. I blame the pawns that fired the shots much less than the ones that ordered it. And they have escaped their penalties anyway. They will always have the pawns. When these pawns, like James Files, open their books endangering their own lives, I would almost give them an award.

Probably debatable, but that's my view. So you are actually taking part in the investigation yourself? O yes, I can't keep my fingers from the cookie jar. For some things I have more time and knowledge than Zack and his associates. Searching the Internet for example. Everything is now published on the web. The whole Warren Report, the hearings, articles, interviews, entire books even.

Once you know how to search you have it at your fingertips. I have given Zack some leads that really led somewhere. Moreover, you can now communicate with everyone in the world at no cost. Doesn't matter if they are in Sydney or Los Angeles. What about erasing those records? O yeah, that's a good one. Files says he was in the 82 nd second airborne in Laos. He says he was part of a operation called "White Star".

So there should be records of Files in the 82 nd airborne, or Sutton as his name was then. But there weren't any. Bob then hired the historian of de 82 nd airborne. John Grady was his name, he died last year. But he has ultimately proven that Files was telling the truth. Jim Marrs also discovered something. Yes, He is on our project too.

He wrote Crossfire, the book that was the basis for the movie JFK. He was a soldier too in Vietnam and had never heard of White Star. Jim Marrs What was so funny? Well, when that man Brady was investigating in , he received a telephone call from a Secret Service agent: Why are you communicating with James Files? Like he didn't know, ha ha. Of course Brady simply explained and that agent told him that "The President and his staff are very concerned about James Files.

He is considered a threat to national security". The President was Clinton at the time. In the FBI has declared Files "not credible". But the President and his staff are still worried about this "liar". That's what I found funny. You know what's funny too? The FBI has indeed interviewed Files.

One of their smarter questions was how Files could prove his association with Charles Nicoletti. Files gave them a dozen people who could confirm that. Among others Marshall Caifano, mind you. That was in , long before we discovered Caifano's role in Dallas. None of those men have ever been approached. Instead they proclaim Files is "non credible". The authorities are still covering this up. Some people ask me why we can do what the government has failed to do despite millions of tax dollars.

The government has been trying to cover up, what we are trying to expose. Maybe difficult to accept, but if you make the switch, everything falls into place. Why has Files made his confession? Isn't this very incriminating for him? Yes, you would come back on that. The first reason is Joe West.

He thinks to know for sure that Joe was murdered for his digging into this case. Mainly because of his suit to exhume JFK. Moreover, there was a good chemistry between Files and West, they liked each other, but Joe has never heard the full confession of Files. Born again Christian they say over there. An element of clearing his conscience also plays a role. The third reason is that both Files and Bob Vernon had received clear threats to stop with all of this. Those threats came from organised crime as well as the government.

To name just a few examples: Vernon has been shot at from a car, while barbecuing in his garden and Files received a message from a mob lawyer to "keep quiet and lay down by your doggy bowl". Bob's proposal to Files was then: Finally Files turned around and said: Ok, bring in the cameras tomorrow!

He knows the powers behind it and they have too much too loose. I'm afraid that Files is right again. By the way, all three participants before our cameras have something of remorse.

They have been recruited for these jobs under disguise of patriotism, but began to doubt whether it was all so correct what they did. So if I listen to you, you don't expect much from Ashcroft either? A diplomatic answer would be let's wait and see, but an honest answer is No. We won't get any reaction at all or a bullshit standard letter that the matter has been looked into extensively and this is insufficient to justify re-opening the case.

John Ashcroft Why so pessimistic? I am not at all pessimistic. At least for getting the truth to the surface. After all we didn't need the justice department to uncover what we have so far. I don't expect much of Ashcroft, because I am convinced that every president since Kennedy, except Carter maybe, has known exactly that Dallas was one big coup and the Warren Report one big lie to fool the American public.

So Bush knows that too? Don't open my mouth about Bush. His dad was up to his neck in this. That is my personal opinion. Don't connect that to our production. We don't mention him there. Yes, but now it's getting interesting! Ok, there are numerous indications that Bush senior has a lot to hide in this case, but no conclusive evidence.

That's why I want to stick to the hard facts and confessions. Nevertheless I would like to come back on that.

Alright, save it for another time and consider it my personal opinion. Ask yourself first why George W. He turns back an earlier decision of Clinton with that. What were we talking about? Yes, the pressure to make something happen has to come from the public, mobilized by the media. Just like with the movie JFK. If you saw how that movie was attacked, even before it was released, you start to see the big picture.

But it became a blockbuster, because it offered a more plausible alternative. This despite the fact that it was not presented as the definite truth, but rather as a mix of facts and fiction. That is the difference with our film. We come with names, evidence, facts and documents. But Oliver Stone's movie was instrumental in establishing the Assassinations Records Review Board, but they didn't produce anything significant either.

It was shut down in and the CIA has never released all the files. So according to you this was much bigger than commonly thought? Sure, if you think about it, that's the only logical explanation we still don't have the truth. And that while 9 of 10 Americans do not believe the official government position. Johnson had locked all the files on this case until the year The reason is "national security".

Every intelligent person can see there is no national security interest to keep this case closed for over 40 years. We are talking about the security of the ones who did it. But who were those actually? Those were the richest Americans of that time. The night before the murder, there was a party on Murchison's estate. All these gentlemen gathered in a private meeting room there. They are all mentioned in our program. The people who have helped with the cover up are of course complicit too.

We already covered Ford and Specter. Insofar as Warren Commission members had no high positions, they got them later. Most of them have been rewarded with splendid careers. It's all so crystal clear if you think a few steps bigger. Johnson Is that not a problem for acceptance?

I mean, lots of people are scared to even think that! Unfortunately you are probably right. The average citizen has maybe a problem to switch that button. Many Americans can hardly accept their own elected government is simply lying to them. But the evidence lies on the table. Likewise they don't believe the CIA and mafia are working together. They pay their taxes to fund the CIA in order to protect society against enemies and criminals.

Then you don't expect them to go into business with organised crime. However, the proof is as hard as a diamond. Those three have provided their gunmen in paramount with the CIA. All three hated both Kennedy brothers, actually their very existence was threatened by the Kennedy's. It has now been documented that they worked closely together with the CIA. That has all become public in the seventies during the investigations on intelligence and assassinations.

You can only guess what we don't know yet. The brother of Giancana has written a bestseller biography on him. Giancana explains perfectly how his organization and the CIA were "two sides of the same coin". Santo Trafficante But it appears that your scenario is the mob did it. That is a wrong impression.

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