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So by the time you realized that the Star Destroyer rumbling over your head was the biggest thing you had ever seen — and it was still going! Because it is already a "dramatic parody" of our most basic human struggles set in a kind of wonderfully preposterous sci-fi universe. Hessel, MI Phone: The thing works superlatively well as comedy, suspense story and parodic commentary on the nostalgic aspects of film history. You can view these facilities, using your zip code, via: Those with insurance are in a position to contact a local provider who accepts that insurance.

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Lab — Performs diagnostic lab tests Schedules and performs lab tests ordered by clinic providers and outside physicians. Radiology — Performs diagnostic x-ray and ultrasound exams; schedules and performs exams ordered by clinic providers and outside physicians. The only information I have is from the web site: Members of all Tribes can be seen at the Clinic, but only members of the Seminole Tribe or Native Americans who live on the reservation are eligible for services referred out of the Clinic.

There are four medical clinics, where a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses provide comprehensive health care by early recognition of disease states and medical management of the disease. Hollywood Clinic, Josie Billie Ave. Brighton Clinic, Civic St. Immokalee Clinic, So. There are four dental clinics, at the same addresses as above, where dental care is offered, including pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, prosthodontics, and implant restorations.

Hollywood, Brighton and Immokalee hours are Monday to Friday, 8: Big Cypress hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9: The Seminole Tribe also runs a pharmacy, open from 8: Prescription medications and patient counseling is available. Tampa, FL , Phone: Other programs include diabetes education, environmental health and social work services, health education and nutritional services.

Any person from a federally recognized tribe, with his or her tribal card, may receive assistance in primary care and be seen by a physician; medical services also are offered to the general public.

The Clinic provides "quality, medical, dental and pharmacy services. Box 10 Elton, LA Phone: The Tribe serves tribal members, spouses, and children and step-children.

Exams, general family medicine, prevention, screenings, physicals and limited lab services are available. Open on Wednesdays from 9: Must be from a federally recognized tribe and reside in Aroostook County.

Open on every weekday but Wednesdays from 8: The program's primary purpose is prevention referral, case management and substance abuse counseling. Lifelines works with a dental office that provides sharply reduced-fee care. It also runs a drop-in kitchen and provides general help in emergency situations.

Lifelines serves Native Americans from state- and federally-recognized tribes. Monday to Friday 8: General clinical services Requirement: Enrolled tribal member Gay Head Wampanoag F.

Monday to Friday, 9: Monday to Friday, 8: Pleasant, MI Phone: All direct care services available to tribal members, descendants and members of federally-recognized tribes. Hessel, MI Phone: Ignace, MI Phone: The Center consists of an bed inpatient unit and a range of other services are provided by the health center.

The Mississippi Choctaw also operate three rural health clinics. AICH provides health services referral; HIV referral and case management services; and counseling programs for alcoholism and substance use. Salamanca, NY Phone: Offers medical services such as: Must be an enrolled tribal member living in the Contract Health Service Delivery Area and are only eligible for direct services.

Area covered can be found here: Hours are Monday to Friday 7: Irving, NY Phone: Community health center designed to promote fitness, healthy eating, mental health, substance abuse awareness, family unity, diabetic education and the prevention of numerous health problems.

In-patient addiction program for Native American Indians. Any member of a federally-recognized tribe is eligible to receive clinic services. The services provided by the hospital staff are as follows: The services provided by arrangement are as follows: Normal hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7: The appeal of Star Wars is that every member of the audience can become a kid riding through space with the heroes, zapping the bad guys.

Some people will smoke marijuana before seeing it. Some Star Trek fans may be placated for a while.

Kids will squeal with delight. And adults who grew up sharing their dreams and joys of George Lucas will find that there is still hope for the world — and films. George Lucas set out to make the biggest possible adventure-fantasy out of his memories of serials and older action epics, and he has succeeded brilliantly…. But in Star Wars the people remain the masters of the hardware, thereby striking a more resonant note of empathy and hope.

This is the kind of film in which the audience, first entertained, can later walk out feeling good all over. George Lucas began his career as a major-studio director eight years ago with a brief clip from Flash Gordon , shown just before the credits rolled on his somber, science-fiction parable, THX After taking time out from the genre to make a little movie called American Graffiti , Lucas has now come full circle, deliberately imitating the kind of space opera he loved as a child, but transforming its B-movie tackiness by adding layers of technique, humor and mythical reverberations that surely never crossed the minds of the creators of Flash Gordon.

Star Wars borrows from any number of fantasy films and stories, but it never fails to make the old stuff look exhilaratingly new. Star Wars is, indeed, a movie that dares to be different, not only in setting, but in theme at a time when imagination has surrendered to realism in motion pictures. The thing works superlatively well as comedy, suspense story and parodic commentary on the nostalgic aspects of film history.

As a stunning spectacle of sound, color and technical imagination, Star Wars is a non-pareil, a movie that would merit universal attendance even if it had nothing else going for it.

To this Lucas has added a refreshing innocence and simplistic view of good and evil and succeeded in creating a film which transcends any descriptive category. In any event, it will be thrilling audiences of all ages for a long time to come. The technical credits are all extraordinary…. The Dolby Sound is also a major asset in that it is sparkling clear and, in the battle sequences, achieves an enveloping, thunderous pitch without any hint of distortion. A long time ago in a theater far, far away.

And, where applicable, any special presentation format notations i. Dolby Stereo, 70mm have been included.

The primary objective was to focus on the major markets and thus the work is incomplete insofar as accounting for small towns under 20, population is concerned.

This work offers a striking contrast to the modern-day exhibition landscape. To state the exhibition practices and trends of the s were dramatically different from today is an understatement. All prints save for one in the Portland market due to a lawsuit and a holdover clause in the booking contract were pulled from release following the first week of September. The Portland run continued as an exclusive through November 7th.

The original Star Wars had additional North American re-releases in , , , , and and through the years numerous special benefit screenings. Its first home-video release was in Its pay-per-view broadcast debut was in Its premium-channel cable TV debut was in Its network television debut was in International dates varied by territory.

He also wrote Star Wars: Patrick Read Johnson is the writer and director of Patrick is recognized as the first civilian to see Star Wars during a visit to Industrial Light and Magic in early while the film was still in production. Charles de Lauzirika produced the Star Wars: His feature directorial debut Crave , starring Ron Perlman, was released in , and won multiple awards at festivals around the world.

Kevin Rubio is the director and co-writer of Troops , the acclaimed Cops Meets Star Wars parody that was at the forefront of the fan film movement. He is an honorary member of the st Legion. Michael Coate The Digital Bits: To what do you attribute the enduring appeal of Star Wars? Why has the original movie and subsequent franchise been such a force to be reckoned with?

Star Wars is one of those very rare films that established new parameters for film entertainment. The impact of both those films is still being felt today. Star Wars arrived on the scene at a time when America was still reeling from the end of the Vietnam War — the first war we ever lost — and the staggering loss of respect for our political leadership, both for that disaster and the disgrace of Watergate.

Add to the mix the idea that ours was the first generation of kids who were dealing with the incredible posts explosion of divorce and you had the makings of an adolescent malaise for which Star Wars was the perfect cure. And, just like the films some of us were making in our back yards, it had the feeling that it had been made out of things you could find lying around your garage.

And that the younger characters were being played by the same people in the drama club at your high school. I think the way people respond to Star Wars has evolved over the years, but at its core remains a very strong morality tale that combines timeless themes with new technology in a unique way that no other franchise has quite equaled, and many have tried.

The Original Trilogy in particular, offers us a vibrant family of characters who are not only relatable but also, in many ways, inspirational. I feel like most people want their own existence to have larger-than-life meaning.

They want to be on an epic quest like Luke Skywalker, or enjoy the thrills and fun of being Han Solo, or shine as a positive beacon of leadership like Princess Leia.

I find that in life, you want to surround yourself with friends who inspire and encourage you to be better than you are. In their own space opera way, the central characters of the Original Trilogy did just that.

And the cosmic sense of destiny that urged those characters forward made the whole thing sing…. There was also the amazing world-building George Lucas and his design team achieved.

At no time watching Star Wars did I ever — or do I ever — imagine the crew behind the camera. When is the earliest possible date for your departure? When is the latest you can depart? If you are not flexible, leave this field blank. When do you prefer to return from your trip? What is the earliest date you would want to return? When is the latest date you can return? What are the minimum number of days you would like to spend at your destination? In order to obtain the lowest pricing, how many connections are you willing to make?

Do you have "Elite Status" with this program? What is your points or miles balance? Which class of service do you prefer to fly?

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