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Each of these rides is a Major Adventure in itself and are among the best rides you'll find anywhere in America!! In , the course was modified to start and finish in Santa Clarita instead of Lancaster which reduces the mileage from Miles down to Miles. In training, focus on riding a sub-8 Hour Century on one day, recover well at night, then follow it with another sub-8 Hour Century the next day and you'll then be fast enough to beat the time limit on the easier Double Centuries below. Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it!! The first 18 miles passes through the city of Clovis on towards North Fresno will be flat terrain. Veteran riders can attest to all of this, while rookies will take away that sentiment after completing this challenging and rewarding cycling adventure.


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Checkpoint two at mile 50 in Lebec is at the Best Rest Inn, where Heartbreak Hundred riders began their event this same morning between and am. Next, a short quick climb to Tejon Pass gives way to a short descent into Frazier Park.

The next 30 miles are mostly uphill, though there are a few nice descents along the way. As you climb toward the summit of Mt. Pinos, take time to look around; the scenery here is truly beautiful, as the high desert gives way to alpine forests and gently sloping mountain meadows.

Look to your left at Lake of the Woods and see the road you will be descending later in the afternoon, then look ahead at the road that will take you higher into the mountains.

Deep in the mountains you will reach the private community of Pine Mountain Club. For the residents, it's home, but for you it's a flat spot in the road before the climbs to checkpoint three at Apache Saddle at mile As you refill and refuel, contemplate the fact that you have already accumulated about half of the 15,' of climbing that you'll achieve this day.

After reaching Apache Saddle, prepare yourself for one of the most rewarding stretches of road in all of Southern California. You will primarily descend for 20 miles along the ridgeline that divides the Lockwood Valley on your left from the huge Central Valley on your right. The downhill continues at Highway A left here and another onto Highway 33, and then you will be a few miles from checkpoint four at "The Place" at mile in "downtown" Ventucopa.

The Place is a great for lunch and ice cream just walk in and get an ice cream; Planet Ultra's buying! Heartbreak rookies who have done our Tour of Two Forests in the past will be on friendly and familiar terrain from here onwards. Rookie or note, you are in for a treat. As you enter Lockwood Valley you will encounter a gradual climb that just keeps getting steeper. As you reach the infamous Heartbreak Hill in the hot afternoon sun you will learn whey "Heartbreak Hill" got that name.

There are no toilet facilities at checkpoint five at Heartbreak, however there are lots of big bushes that the native Brown Bears have fertilized for centuries. You will pick up any lights or gear that you sent there in a drop bag this morning. Heartbreak riders will call it a day here, but not the double riders. As you descend to Quail Lake you should be greeted by a "world class" tailwind that has been known to blow riders all the way to the turn onto Ridge Route and then across on Pine Canyon to checkpoint seven at the Three Points Road House.

This new, hillier return route is new for Although it adds about 1,' feet of climbing to this route, compared to the previous route, it's a much quieter and very fun, rollercoaster road. At Three Points Road House, check out the his and hers outhouses. These relics are from a century that is long gone, but still work well. Leaving the Three Points checkpoint, there are two noticeable climbs as you otherwise descend towards the finish line in Palmdale.

Upon your safe and timely arrival, you will be greeted by a Planet Ultra Ambassador. You will not soon forget this epic and challenging, but equally rewarding, ride! This is road bike heaven! A mass start through the city streets of Bishop will quickly head out of town. After a fast, flat warm up through the flatlands of the Owens River region, you will head north through the cattle ranches of Round Valley.

Road cuts expose the peculiar rosy rock strata known to geologists as Bishop Tuff, evidence of volcanic activity in this region. After cresting Sherwin Grade, a rider friendly ' climb, you are greeted by the startling views of Mt. Banner, and the serrated ridge of the Minarets in the northern distance.

North a few miles further awaits Lake Crowley and the grassy bed of Long Valley. Further north en route to Mammoth Lakes, you pass Hilton and McGee Creeks; the mouths of their canyons filled with huge glacial moraines empty into the valley from the Sierra high country. Leaving Long Valley, you will quickly enter the town of Mammoth Lakes, famous for its world class ski resort. You will climb gently, but quickly, around the outskirts of town and head out of town and north via the Mammoth Scenic Route.

After a short climb cresting the 8,' summit of Deadman Pass, there is a short downhill followed by a short easy climb to June Lake. First time visitors should stop at the vista point at "Oh! Ridge" on the summit of the climb from June Lake Junction. The magnificent view of June Lake, Carson Peak, and the westward panorama reveals different dimensions with every blink of the eye.

Ringed by eerie tufa towers, volcanic craters, mountain peaks, and high desert silences, the saline waters of Mono Lake represent a million year old body of water. Mono Lake has no outlet; over the thousands of years of its existence, salts and minerals washed into the lake have become concentrated as waters have evaporated.

Though Mono Lake has been called a "dead sea", it actually abounds with life. No fish live in the lake, but populations of brine shrimp and brine flies adapted to the exceptionally high concentration of salts provide a plentiful food supply for more than seventy species of migratory and nesting birds. The "lunch" checkpoint with Subway sandwiches and all our usual wide variety of drinks and muchies await you at the Mono Lake County Park.

At this point, you will have ridden miles and ascended 7,'. Take time to look around as you climb between these craters en route to the "E Ticket" ride from the high plains at Sage Hen Summit, through red lava canyons into Benton, the Chalfant Valley and back to Bishop. This second half of the double loop has only 3,' of ascent!

This course has exactly 10, feet of elevation gain, more than half of which is between mile 30 and mile As doubles go, it's not that tough and the views and roads are so incredible, you won't event notice the climbing that it does have!

Geologists say the tilted fault-block range of the Sierra Nevada formed ten to twenty million years ago when an enormous piece of the earth's crust rose thousands of feet along a series of faults and tilted westward to create a mountain range with broad, gentle western escarpment.

More than miles long and 60 to 80 miles wide, the Sierra cover a region larger than the combined areas of the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps; the Sierra Nevada stretches further than any continuous mountain range in the continental United States. This is one of the most beautiful and most popular of all the Triple Crown rides!! Mindful of the current economic climate, this event will be hosted with minimal support, and a very low entry fee just to cover insurance, any necessary permits, and a leap-frog SAG vehicle carrying snacks and water.

Riders may bring lunch-size bags with their special-needs foods, which will be delivered up the course to at least three locations. Given the difficulty of the route, only experienced double century riders will be permitted to ride. Classic Doubles are more than challenging alone. They are "tours" in the true sense, an opportunity for discovery and adventure in an area not often ridden. The Tour of Two Forests has been such a classic since its first edition in It starts and ends in Santa Clarita and traverses parts of L.

It's one of the most scenic courses in Southern California and is almost free of traffic lights. The logistics are really easy since it starts just 20 miles north of Los Angeles. The Tour of Two Forests was first run in In , the legendary tandem team of Pete Penseyres and Rob Templin set a course record of In , Rob Templin came back on his single bike and set a solo course record of In , the course was modified to start and finish in Santa Clarita instead of Lancaster which reduces the mileage from Miles down to Miles.

This is a great event with a whole lot of history in the California cycling scene. We really encourage you to ride this classic event! Extremely tough Northern California Double. Climb 8 classic sierra mountain passes with stunning scenery, smooth pavement, and just a dozen stop signs. You'll experience the breathtaking scenic beauty of eight classic, wild sierra climbs plus panoramas of Diamond Valley and Carson Valley on a course that features some of the best pavement you'll find on any organized ride.

The course is in a remote and rugged area--there are no traffic lights and has just a dozen stop signs. This is a beautiful rolling road with great views of the foothills. Riders descend into the Carson Valley and take Foothill Road along its perimeter to the base of the first pass: This stretch gives everyone a good warm up before the climbing begins. Kingsbury grade is the perfect pass to begin the ride because it offers very wide shoulders, a steady easy grade all the way to the top, and very little wind in the morning.

It's broad sweeping turns give riders an awesome view of the Carson Valley and the Pinenut Mountains and a fun descent. After refueling at the rest stop on the summit and enjoying a well-earned descent back down Kingsbury grade, riders return along Foothill and turn right on Emigrant Trail. This short and easy climb doesn't count as a pass, but it's a good warmup for the pass to come and there is a rest stop at the top.

Continuing from Emigrant trail, riders pass through the historic town of Woodfords and up scenic Woodfords Canyon following the route of the Pony Express trail. Turning right at Picketts Junction, riders will complete their climb to the summit of Luther pass where they will be rewarded with another rest stop. Descending Luther pass back into Hope Valley, riders will turn right again and begin their ascent of Carson pass taking in views of Red Lake and high alpine terrain.

Blue Lakes Road will take riders over a series of climbs and through valleys with breathtaking scenery to the next rest stop at the end of the road.

A little bit of climbing and a rolling descent takes riders back out to Hope Valley and then down Woodfords canyon. Turning right towards Markleeville brings riders back to the start where lunch awaits.

The course continues down to the town of Markleeville and out to the intersection of CA 89 and CA 4 where riders will begin the beautiful climb of the heavily forested Ebbetts pass. A rest stop is located at the summit of Ebbetts pass before the descent on the back side to Hermit Valley where yet another rest stop is located at the turn- around.

Riders then climb the backside of Ebbetts and return to the base of Monitor after a fun descent. Climbing the front side of Monitor offers riders a few challenging steep grades and sweeping views of alpine meadows and Lake Heenan.

A rest stop at the top of the pass marks completion of the second-to- last pass of the day. The descent to Topaz on the east side of Monitor is a thrill.

The road surface is excellent, the grade is sweet, and the turns are fun. Most importantly, this is safe hill to descend at night with little car traffic, great visibility, and few shadows.

Refuel at the Topaz rest stop for the last pass of the day. The climb is long but the grade is steady and this climb is a pleasure even after sundown. Like the backside of Monitor, the descent on the frontside is a good one for night time. The eight pass course represents the ultimate climbing challenge for a single-day event. We expect great weather, but this ride covers a lot of remote, high altitude terrain. If a rider wishes to ride both events, they can ride the Grand Tour on the event date and ride the 8 Pass Challenge Staff Ride in the middle of July.

To register for the staff ride, please first register for the Grand Tour and then send an email to challenge altaalpina.

You may choose to start during one of eight starting windows: There are 9 rest stops on the route plus lunch and two checkpoints. You must reach each rest stop and checkpoint while it is open and make the other listed cut-off times in order to collect 8 pass stickers. Riders headed towards a closed location will be turned around and directed to the next open stop. We will begin sweeping any remaining riders from the route at A rider who is transported by SAG will lose the last sticker collected.

You must check-in at the finish with all 8 pass stickers in order to receive California Triple Crown credit for completing the full Double Century. However everyone who checks in will be listed as having finished the number of passes indicated by their pass stickers. Anyone who refuses to abide by the rules or the instructions of CHP, County Sheriff, or ride officials will lose all their stickers and be listed as DQ as will anyone who doesn't check-in after finishing the ride.

The check-in desk will be open till These rules are in place to ensure the safety of all participants and to satisfy the requirements of county and state agencies. The Terrible Two was started in by the Santa Rosa Cycling Club, as they realized that a mile course around Sonoma County would include some very challenging hills as well as some spectacular scenery.

For and beyond, the Terrible Two returns to its roots, the Napa miles are back. Silverado Trail pace lines should be a welcome sight for the run to Calistoga. A few relaxing miles through Knights Valley and the first big climb looms, The Geysers.

The Geysers and Fort Ross are multi summit climbs, while Skaggs Springs is a long series of climbs and descents. And to finish off Skaggs Springs we offer, The Wall. Lets just say its steep!!

Except for five miles of suburbs, the entire course is rural and very scenic: It's enough to make you forget how hard it is! Are you ready for miles in one day with 16, feet of steep climbing? Are you ready for temperatures over degrees? Are you ready for the ride that many consider the toughest Double in the United States? Anyone still on the course after Riders on the course after that time will be asked to SAG to the finish or can continue unsupported. Sebastopol, CA This is the original Double in the U.

The Traditional Double offers a bit of everything you think of when you think of California: Looping through rural Ventura County, the route contains some hills but is still one of the easiest Double Centuries we know of. There is only one very difficult hill and the club places a rest stop at the top to help you out.

The scenery, the low traffic and the generally favorable winds will help you forget the hills and make this a very enjoyable Double. This difficult double has become a Northern California Classic!! Climb beautiful canyons and challenging ridges up Mt Tam birthplace of mountain biking with stunning views of the Pacific Coast, the San Francisco Bay and all the mountains in between.

The Maiden voyage of the Mt. Tam Double Century was August 7, and received rave reviews. Not sure if you can ride it? There are those of you that know you can ride miles with 15, feet of climbing and then there are most of you that question such a challenge. Tam Double is not an easy Double Century and will challenge even the experienced veteran riders, do not be too intimidated.

This ride has lots of fast technical riding and descents to challenge the most experienced riders yet offers bailout options for those that want to give it a try but are not quite sure. Most of the steep climbing is over by mile but there are plenty of rollers to challenge you on your way back to the Finish!

In fact, it might be the ideal test ride if you are not sure you are ready for the most difficult doubles out there. The Mt Tam Double has 15, ft. Because we run the Mt Tam Double in conjunction with our Marin Century, there are several bailout options available if the course just proves too much or you are just having a bad day.

These options will allow you to finish under your own power and the bailout routes are fully supported. The Mt Tam Double Century course starts on flat to rolling terrain before you are greeted with your first challenge of the day, a 1. This is followed by a thrilling descent through the redwoods into the ranches and grasslands of West Marin. The route winds south and east with a couple small climbs and descents until you reach the town of Fairfax.

Fairfax is one end of the famous Bolinas Fairfax Rd. Within sight of town center, the road begins to wind up into the hills of the lake country on the north side of Mt. The road is narrow and twisting but relatively untraveled. There is a brief respite at the golf course and then you climb again to the top of Pine Mountain and your 1st Rest Stop at mile This is a popular mountain bike jump off point but you will have to return for that another day.

This is the only rest stop on the course without a checkpoint. The descent down to the lakes is very fast in a series of tight left turns with a decreasing radius. The entire road twists with lots of technical turns and small fun rollers for 4 miles. You will love this road. All this ends at Alpine Dam. You ride across the dam and climb, and climb and climb.

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