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Table 2 refer below is a chart of the four highest sectors in the metro area, with health care and social assistance reaching Top three sectors include information; art, entertainment, and recreation; and real estate and rental and leasing. Data obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Total is the base areas. Per capita items in dollars; other dollar items in thousands of dollars.

There are nine electric utility power companies in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. There are three natural gas providers in the metropolitan area. According to the American Community Survey , the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area had a population of 12,,, of which 6,, According to the survey, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area was Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up Whites are the racial majority; whites of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin make up Non-Hispanic whites make up under one-third Approximately 7,, residents are white, of which 4,, are non-Hispanic whites.

The top five European ancestries are the following:. Blacks are a sizable minority; blacks of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin make up 7. Non-Hispanic blacks make up 6. Approximately , residents are black, of which , are non-Hispanic blacks. In the survey, , people identified their ancestry as "Sub-Saharan African", equal to 1. American Indians are a small minority; American Indians of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin make up 0.

American Indians of non-Hispanic origin make up 0. Approximately 68, residents are American Indian, of which 26, are American Indians of non-Hispanic origin. Approximately 3, Cherokee , 1, Navajo , 1, Chippewa , and Sioux reside in the area.

Asians are a large minority; Asians of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin make up Asians of non-Hispanic origin make up Approximately 1,, residents are Asian, of which 1,, are Asians of non-Hispanic origin. Approximately , people are in this category, and they make up 1. Approximately 37, residents are Native Hawaiian or of other Pacific Islander ancestries, of which 33, are of non-Hispanic origin.

This group includes people of Fijian and Tongan descent, among others. Approximately 12, people are in this category, and they make up 0. Multiracial individuals are a sizable minority; multiracial people of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin make up 3. Approximately , people are multiracial, of which , are of non-Hispanic origin. Hispanic or Latinos, are, by far, the largest minority group; Hispanics or Latinos make up They do not make up a majority, but they make up a plurality, outnumbering every other individual racial group.

Approximately 5,, residents are Hispanic or Latino. This group include people of Costa Rican , Salvadoran , and Colombian descent, among others.

Approximately 1,, people are in this category, and they make up 8. Los Angeles and Orange counties have separate medical service department but both work jointly. Government and Private hospitals open normally Monday through Friday, excluding City Holidays but some super specialists hospitals open 24X7.

Consequently, the metropolitan L. Here is a breakdown of some of its major attractions:. See also, Los Angeles City Museums. LAX is the only airport to serve as a hub for all three U. Metro Rail currently operates four light rail lines and two rapid transit subway lines, altogether totaling The systems light rail system is the second busiest LRT system in the United States , after Boston, by number of riders, with , average weekday boardings during the third quarter of Since the region of the city is in close proximity to a major fault area the tunnels were built to resist earthquakes of up to magnitude 7.

Both subway lines use an electrified third rail to provide power to the trains, rendering these lines unusable on the other three. The Blue and Gold Lines run mostly at grade, with some street-running, elevated, and underground stretches in the more densely populated areas of Los Angeles. The Green Line is entirely grade separated, running in the median of I and then turning southward along an elevated route.

There are two providers of heavy rail transportation in the region, Amtrak and Metrolink. Metrolink provides service to numerous places within Southern California, including all counties in the region. The following is the list of ZIP codes for select areas within the metropolitan area. As a whole, the Los Angeles area has more national championships, all sports combined college and professional , than any other city in the United States, with over four times as many championships as the entire state of Texas, and just over twice that of New York City.

Los Angeles will also be the host of the Summer Olympics , becoming the third city to host three Olympic Games, after London and Paris. Note symbol means venue has held an Olympic event. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to the headquarters of several well-known media companies including: Radio stations serving the area include: Much of the west coast of North America used to be part of a large convergent plate boundary between the Farallon Plate and North American Plate from to 55 million years ago.

Here, the Farallon Plate subducted under the North American Plate creating volcanoes about miles east of this boundary which can still be seen today as the Sierra Nevada which it has its southern border about 30 miles east of Grapevine, California in the Tejon Pass. The Farallon Plate was subjected to high temperatures and pressures as it subducted under the North American Plate. This led to the formation of molten plutons which rose because they were less dense than the surrounding magma.

When they rose, they cooled and some formed enormous granite monoliths. This would create steep volcanoes with extremely high elevations. Most of the ejecta that came out of a volcano is gas. The sulfur mixes with the water vapor to form sulfuric acid which is notorious for eating away at almost anything from plants to rocks. When subduction activities ceased about 55 million years ago, these volcanoes were subject to erosion due to their steep slopes.

Because granite is classified as a hard igneous rock, it is the only remnant of the volcanic chain from this subduction zone. Please refer to the Geologic History of Yosemite page to learn more specifically of the local geology of that area. When the subduction zone ceased about 55 million years ago, the Farallon Plate was split into two distinctive plates which can still be observed today as the Juan de Fuca Plate and the Cocos Plate. Both were part of the same plate, but were discovered independently before this connection was made.

At the time of this break off, the Pacific Plate had a general north west movement while the North American Plate had a general south east movement.

This created a new fault zone when a weak point gave way between these two plates. This is the beginnings of the infamous San Andreas Fault. The San Andreas Fault is a right-lateral strike strip transverse fault. Nearly 55 million years later, this volcano was offset by about miles. It is the largest known offset of the San Andreas Fault and it help geologist determine important information such as average slip movement and the age of the fault. The Pacific Plate is the largest known plate on Earth.

It is considered an oceanic plate because it is much more dense than a continental plate. That is the reason why oceanic plates always subduct under another plate. There are only a few places where the Pacific Plate is actually above the ocean. Most of the coastline of the state, below Eureka, California is part of the Pacific plate. The thickest part on land in California can be observed as far inland as the Salton Sea. To the south of the Salon Sea, there is a gap between plate boundaries.

This gap acts like a divergent plate boundary where the land is being pulled apart. Mud volcanoes can be observed just at the southern edge of the sea as well as hot springs. Geothermal energy plants are abundant in the area, which power much of the local rural communities. The plate buckled and began uplifting similar to swelling in nearly all portions of the west. Numerous faults were created as a result; geologic blocks that rose and fell over and over again in patterns and in sequences.

The extension of surface led to cracks which formed many independent faults. This is the creation of the Basin and Range Province. Sometimes these faults created a pathway, which molten rock could flow up to the surface creating cinder cone volcanoes. And a mega-fault, the infamous San Andreas, is only about 50 miles 80 kilometers away at its closest point.

Inglewood police FBI arrest gang leaders on suspicion of drug and weapons violations. Inglewood police, FBI arrest gang leaders on suspicion of drug and weapons violations latimes. Roy Choi wanted to start a revolution with Locol Two years later the fast-food chain closes. Single-family new house construction building permits: Property values in Inglewood, CA. Crime rates in Inglewood by Year Type Murders 28 32 26 26 36 19 13 27 20 13 14 14 20 7 16 per , Officers per 1, residents here: Amtrak stations near Inglewood: Crimson Technical College Full-time enrollment: Public high schools in Inglewood: Private high schools in Inglewood: People in group quarters in Inglewood in Banks with branches in Inglewood data: Bancorp Bank of America, National Association: Education Gini index Inequality in education Here: Inglewood, California Neighborhood Map.

Arbor Vitae Arbor Vitae St. Religion statistics for Inglewood city based on Los Angeles County data. Number of grocery stores: Number of supercenters and club stores: Number of convenience stores no gas: Number of convenience stores with gas: Number of full-service restaurants: Low-income preschool obesity rate: Average overall health of teeth and gums: People feeling badly about themselves: People not drinking alcohol at all: Average hours sleeping at night: Average condition of hearing: Inglewood government finances - Expenditure in per resident: Construction - Housing and Community Development: Inglewood government finances - Revenue in per resident: Charges - Solid Waste Management: Inglewood government finances - Debt in per resident: Inglewood government finances - Cash and Securities in per resident: Bond Funds - Cash and Securities: Strongest AM radio stations in Inglewood: Strongest FM radio stations in Inglewood: TV broadcast stations around Inglewood: Fatal accident count per , population.

Conventional Home Purchase Loans. Conventional Home Purchase Loans - Value. Most commonly used house heating fuel: Cost of Living Calculator Your current salary: Buying a house in west Inglewood - what areas to avoid? New Clippers area in Inglewood! Will you go to Inglewood to see the LA Rams? Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 25 full and 4 partial tracts. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 21 full and 2 partial tracts. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 19 full and 12 partial tracts.

Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 24 full and 4 partial tracts. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 21 full and 1 partial tracts. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 24 full and 3 partial tracts.

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